The APDH and the Committee for the Liberation of Milagro
 Sala denounce the mistreatment and torture of three political prisoners
 in the Alto Comedero prison, in the province of Jujuy. 
They were held at different times in "isolation cells" 
where they were isolated from the rest up to 7 days, 
with the windows closed, with only an hour a day for personal hygiene. 
This situation is aggravated by the fact that her clothes are removed,
 that is, they are left bare with a single blanket to cover herself. 
To keep them good, they administer psychotropic drugs, 
sometimes by force, sometimes secretly in the midst of other drugs.
This is a clear violation of human rights, 
a violation of United Nations rules on the treatment 
of prisoners and the treatment of women prisoners
 (Maria Elena Naddeo is co-president
 of the Asamblea Permanente por los Derechos Humanos
 (APDH) and a member of the first hour 
of the Milagro Sala Liberation Committee.)

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