Men can neglect themselves, dress poorly, 
and have bloated bellies. 
Nobody will point this out to him. 
Many nerds are like that and are well accepted by society.
On the other hand, if a woman neglects herself or becomes fat then she is misjudged.
Even today there are such prejudices in judging a 
man or a woman.
Also, an anorexic woman 
can work on TV and other
places. A fat woman is not. 
The fat shows. 
Instead, thinness can 
be disguised.
This is something that 
increases anorexia and people
keep saying that being thin is good and fat is bad. 
So fat women destroy 
themselves even more because
they don't see themselves 
valued by society.


It’s very difficult today playing music.

All people want digital music.

I don’t like singing with electronic effetcts.

I’m the only italian woman who sings growl.

But people here don’t like growl but only melodic female voices.

So I’m cursed and all by myself now. I had some musicians some years ago.

But they didn’t want to play anymore.

Is there a way to go out of this situation? Music now is only pop and rap.

I don’t like them.

I feel very upset without live music.

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