More and more often I hear people say that you feel alone. Everyone says it but then nothing is done to bond with others. One selects, one discards, one becomes misanthropic. We deny ourselves, we close ourselves off, we become hostile, acidic, suspicious, and always behind the screen, there, fixed on looking for a solution for an increasingly false life. We complain of loneliness but then as soon as you invite someone to come out of the shell, a thousand excuses are presented to you. So who wants to stay alone because then he complains? Who does not want to live in reality anymore because they complain of not finding anyone? The virtual world is absorbing everyone. All! It is becoming like a large cage where people stop breathing and pretend to breathe. He can’t say enough. He can’t say No. He can’t say ok, I’m coming, I’m leaving, I’ll come to you, see you, we know each other, ok, in reality, on the skin. All hidden behind this screen. But aren’t you tired?

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