Imagine being a sunny person, very sociable, outgoing, warm. And where you live they are all like that, except for some unpleasant ones. They move you to a country where everyone is sulky, antisocial, closed and detached. At first you are busy with work, aperitifs with colleagues, business dinners, trips out of town. It seems to you that everything is ok. But after a few years things change. Colleagues have been transferred, some have resigned, there are rivalries, new director, nothing is the same as before. You find that the colleagues you liked behind actually hate you, the work you do has become monotonous, and it tires you. You no longer have the strength to make evenings and start being alone. They are not looking for you. They go out among themselves, because they are local. They are single and you are not, or they have a girlfriend and they go to women and you don’t. Suddenly what you thought was a good chance for professional and personal growth turns out to be a total failure. Notice that the reports are superficial and false. They even envy you for what you have, and that makes them more sour with you and they start to marginalize you. So you find yourself more apative, less warm, become cold and detached too. Can a place change a person so much? It is as if a sun had become a black moon over the years. And what to do? Going back to the place where there was no work and you despaired but you always wanted to sing. Or stay there and grit your teeth?

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