More emotional creatures? Ha ha ha, you can see that those who do these studies are really in the dark about certain female arguments. They have no idea what entanglements are in a woman’s mind. This belief that women think only in an emotional way, that they always fall in love and that they are guided only by the heart … But that’s enough! There are many men who crawl like worms, obsessed with love for their mistress. Men that perhaps science never analyzes. It is really absurd to think that we women are just hearts and flowers. If scientists went and touched the lives of so many men they would seriously see those who use their hearts and are emotional. Women are excellent actresses. They are so mentally organized that they know what kind of behavior to perform to achieve certain things. And they are often sadistic and cruel more than many men. Many men have remained in the oral phase, they want a maternal woman who humiliates and punishes them. And does science consider them rational? Ha ha ha… How many truths remain out of the official data! Even many of these scientists who write about women’s emotions then go and crawl under the boots of some mistress. And I assure you they don’t do it just out of scientific curiosity. Many men who claim to be rational become slaves of dominant women. Women who just want to make money from these men. This type of women has no qualms and is very materialistic.

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