I don’t know if things have changed over time but here in my area there is not even the shadow of punk or rock or metal. I met many musicians years ago when I moved here and I had the idea of ​​starting an alternative band. Not only were the musicians very closed-minded (they offered me duets in a funky or soul or blues genre) but, being a girl, they didn’t even take me seriously. When I told of having contact with people from the musical environment they thought I was joking. In short, in the end I had to settle for two amateurs with whom to spend some time waiting to go back to London. The only decent convert a few years ago was that of the Punkreas. Then there was nothing. Not only are they not sociable here but girls only think one thing. They told me about Pordenone as the only place where there are metal bands. I had registered in a forum but even there the proposals were always “non-musical” but of another type. Honestly it was a total disappointment because for a woman like me who growls and does not sing songs it bothered me to see certain attitudes. Also I was sad to have to tell my contacts that I had trouble starting a band because they only consider women for one purpose here. It was really disheartening. Furthermore, most of the musicians, professional or not, have no ambition other than to make money in some clubs. So in the end I gave up on the project I had, waiting to go elsewhere abroad. Why does a woman always find it difficult to be taken seriously?

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