Human beings are like a glass window, how strong this glass is depends on each individual. Hit it once and it won’t break. Hit it twice, a crack may form on it. Keep hitting and more cracks will form. Inevitably, there will be one final blow that will tear the whole thing apart. Pieces that now lie on the ground, as if lifeless; it is a sense of private worth. Have you ever held something inside and tried so hard to make it stay that way? Hidden away. Don’t deny it. You know you did. Think of it like those little things you hid every day. Think about how they accumulated, getting worse and worse during the week, day, or perhaps the hour, until you had the mental or physical strength to support their weight more. You have been forced to let go and be forced to do anything. It’s never a pleasant experience, is it? The scariest part of this is that sometimes we don’t even know we’ve set ourselves on the path to our ultimate destruction. We only realize this when it is too late. We didn’t know we tried too hard and ended up getting burned. But overall, one thing remains true about this, for everyone. We crowd our minds and bodies with more than we can handle. We treat ourselves as if we were made of metal parts: a robot, a computer that never needs a rest. We overestimate our ability, which has led to our downfall. We parent ourselves, but not in a nice way, but in a restrictive way, where we take away everything we deny we need, such as self-care. The more you bend, the easier you will break and break in two, so why do you keep repeating that mistake? I hope you realize that most of the things you fear will probably never happen. Worrying doesn’t save you from tomorrow’s troubles, it ruins today’s peace. So, before you reach the breaking point, before it is too late and you are already too far along the roads leading to it, stop pushing yourself so hard and go back. Turn around and walk away. This is one of the things you have the right to walk away from. Use it, for your own good. Because when you come face to face with your breaking point, you will wish you did.

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