Why does a woman leave home? Why does he decide to leave his life? Perhaps she no longer feels loved as in the past? Maybe she doesn’t feel heard? Maybe something has changed inside her? She cries in the car, she throws up, she thinks she always makes mistakes. She doesn’t feel wanted. There are so many women around. He could have a more serene and more normal woman, not sick, not pathological, not anxious. She has been used to sacrifice, obesty and alls goodness. He screams, gets angry. She can only express anger in dreams. We are disappearing, our photos break, the screams continue. When people see a woman in a car, crying and despairing, throwing up, what do they do? Nothing. They pass without even looking. Nobody sees anything anymore. She looks for handkerchiefs but has none. His bag is broken. His broken pants. She is ashamed of her discolored hair and her broken bag. She cries and nobody sees her. Nobody sees a woman crying. Nobody stops to ask her how she is.

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