Summer is the festival of flowers and colors. Let's color ourselves with joy. We spread love and hope to everyone.
I like it when everyone is happy and full of joy. My grandson often collects flowers in our garden and they are very beautiful.
I found flowers on your hair
flowers inside the sea of ​​your thoughts
Where are you born so beautiful flower?
Under the bright sun you shine even more.
Light blue, pink, yellow or blue.
Flower became hope.
Silent angel in the meadow.
I look at your petals and I float like a whiff of petunia.
The only trick of friendship, I think, is to find people who are better than you are—not smarter, not cooler, but kinder, and more generous, and more forgiving—and then to appreciate them for what they can teach you, and try to listen to them when they tell you something about yourself, no matter how bad—or good—it might be, and to trust them, which is the hardest thing of all. But the best, as well.
we treasure cherry blossoms
not despite their fragility
but because of it. there is
nothing left
to worry about
the sun and her flowers are here.
i like to believe that the day you were born daisies sprouted up from the green and brown earth and the wind carried their petals all the way to you they kissed your skin and made a home in your hair their yellow pistils were inhaled in by your first breath and since then, they were within you a part of you that no one could see but everyone can feel how else can you explain the way your spirit conveys a loyal love that few can explain but all can attest to? and when the wind carried their petals all the way to you they circled above your head like a halo maybe that’s why many are drawn to you; you’ve got flowers in your soul and who doesn’t love flowers?
How lucky you are
whether you see it or not
never the same
never forgot.
Petunias on every page
Each word was a wildflower
I was buried in the sage
Hydrangeas are my heroine
Cardinals are my coke.
The boy who braved the poison ivy
Just to give a girl a rose
Was now a knight who wondered
What threat could flowers really pose?

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