And perhaps
you are the moon
that stays all night
listening; loving
what’s left behind
by the sun
because I’m the
bigger star
shinning, lightning
what’s still
on the run
and we can only
be that beautiful
If one of us
Is gone.
To the moon.
I’m not willing to go back,
It’s just the sea,
Where we made love..
And my forever cold feet,
That keep me up at night.

When you moved fast,
Beneath the sunshine,
My smiles were just,
Echoes of your laughs.
Did you figure that out,
When you were near me?
I’ve started to ask myself if I’m a hopeless romantic or a heartless one. Because I want so badly to believe in love, but you keep proving me wrong. I wear your ring, and I look across the table, still hoping you’ll be there. It’s been nearly a year now and I didn’t know I could miss you for this long. No one told me the grief wouldn’t end. No one told me death could feel so permanent.
No one told me that losing people you love means burying a part of your soul 6 feet under.

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