The night isn’t beautiful
It feels of pain
And I’m blanketed in nostalgia
Smothered in the past
I cannot outlive the life I had
It creeps on me
From behind
Like a toxic reminiscence
I keep putting the two side by side
How my heart has grown old
How innocent it used to be
The cared for smiles now haunt me
The person I used to be
Laughs at my face
How helpless?
How at loss of words?
No way to let the sadness alleviate
Only tears to leave tracks
Driedup by the morning wind
‘Nothing lasts’
It is said
Probably for the best
Because there is no way
I could build a home
Of permanent solitude
In the arms of a stranger
With the skin of someone I once knew
Carried away by years
Like sand to the shore
Waiting to settle
In the dusk
With the birds returning home
And my compass haywire
Unbeknownst of a future
Carved in the letters
Engraved by someone else
A life conceived
Out of love
Running out of love
As the tinge of moroseness
Clouds every thought
The power to end it all
Streaks across the sky
Like a star breathing its last
‘Make a wish’
It is said
How about,
No wish at all?
No need to aspire to?
Just merely,
Just barely
A hint to survive
To be washed up at the shore
Softly caressed
By the setting sun
With water replacing all air
And a soft sigh,
Good bye for now.

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