You know that I love wood and I like wood everywhere at home, or natural materials like rocks. I like simplicity, essentiality, pure colors.
I’ve always been told a house will never sell unless all the walls are painted beige. This is my house. It went up for sale yesterday and sold within hours. It was the hottest listing on the site. I am getting multiple simultaneous phone calls nonstop about it. Everyone who has seen it has remarked about loving the colors, how it stood out from every generic beige box they had seen in a hundred other listings.
So here’s some inspo and encouragement for y’all to go out and get some color in your space. It’s a fairly easy and inexpensive way to make your place more fun.
In my next place, I’m gonna take things further with handcrafted glass and ceramic tile, stained glass windows, offbeat fixtures, and a goth-as-hell exterior.
A small corner for my frequent baths is a must. I love water and I like to relax in the bath. I like the candles and the relaxing atmosphere for two to share.

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