A very long time without you. This time has already passed, but it does not seem true to Me at all It seems surreal to have resisted, coming up to here, after suddenly finding myself an orphan of your presence.
How did I survive you?
I who often loved to remind you: that without you I would have felt like in hell At the very thought I felt an immense twinge God what a pain!
Now that I’m experiencing it on My skin,
I don’t even know how to describe it. I know I miss you, I miss you a mess. I can’t get off in front of my eyes the tragic moment in which I greeted you for the last time, while you were falling asleep forever.
I could no longer detach myself from You, while I was bathing You everywhere, with My copious and interminable tears, while I begged you to continue to be close to me because I still need You. I also begged you to forgive me, for not being able to save you, coming to suffer for nothing.
I hope I got it this Your important forgiveness. Know that it would make me feel better. I also hope that you will continue to love me with all of Yourself, with no regrets. I know that I have not always been good to You, scolding you often, because of your rebellious and hyperactive character.
I have often been strict, I admit it, but I did it only for you, to make you grow well I hope you will succeed to forgive me for this too. How much do I miss your teasing? When I got home, you stole my slippers or any other object at that moment I had within range.
Or of Your continuous complaints when I did not lend You due attention and you rubbed yourself to recall your urgent need for pampering. And if I didn’t listen to you You complained even louder I could go back I would not do it again I swear to you. These lost moments I am a real regret for Me. Sometimes it still seems to me to hear your verses, your tears, Your paws making noise on the floor, while walking or running somewhere. I seem to feel the warmth you left on the bed, after sleeping for a long time and snoring a lot!
God how much did you snore! Above all, however, I seem to succeed to still perceive Your slow, rumbling breath which for Me has represented My favourite music to listen relentlessly like an infinite melody Every time I listened to it any problem subsided as far as he could reassure me.
You’ve been better than a chamomile! That’s why after Your disappearance the world has literally collapsed on me since I have lost My point of reference, My anchor of salvation when everything was rowing against me.
Since then I have strengthened myself as I could, taking my life back in hand, amidst tears and smiles as long as I rock among the memories I am also reacting for you so that You can continue to live in Me! Thanks for everything My Golden Angel! I love you so much! 🐾❤️

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  1. cattalespress
    Jun 21, 2021 @ 01:55:24

    This is so beautiful. My heart goes out to you. 🤍 What beautiful photos too!


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