My husband and I are not farmers but we came here, near Venice, to work. Every year we made a vegetable garden in the garden, to have fresh vegetables (because I am allergic to pesticides) but this year it rained for a whole month and we did not have spring and we could not plant the garden. Now we have very small plants and a torrid and humid heat, we seem to be in the Caribbean, but unfortunately there is no sea here. So we are thinking of leaving because this humid climate is bad for my bones, and in winter it is too cold and I cannot go out otherwise everything hurts. Our house also had damage from bad weather and the amount of rain. This climate change is truly terrible.
What kind of life can we give to our children? Covid has caused many layoffs in industries and many people can’t even grow a vegetable garden to eat something. What will our children and grandchildren see in their future? We make certain choices, why do we keep making bad choices?
We no longer buy plastic noodles.
We no longer buy food packed with plastic.
We no longer use plastic objects.
We try to avoid the use of plastic.
We take cotton bags to the supermarket.
We value local crafts and buy local foods.
We plant trees in the garden.
Our every choice can be a contribution to a better future for our children and grandchildren.
We are the ones who are building their future.
We must remember this every day.

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  1. parneetsachdev
    Jun 20, 2021 @ 10:48:47

    An excellent post. We too do our best, but you both are role models. I will share this with my friends.


  2. John
    Jun 22, 2021 @ 14:19:51

    The geologic record records that Earth has warmed and cooled by itself for millions of years. There is no such thing as man-made global warming. This whole thing is a lie, meant to control the masses through politics and manipulation. Generations of children have been brainwashed to believe this lie.


    • Fairy Queen
      Jun 22, 2021 @ 15:45:20

      There have been many geological eras in which the climate was either very hot or very cold. But remember that humans only appeared a few thousand years ago. So even if the climate changed only the animals were affected. In fact, some have become extinct due to glaciations. Humans suffer from this climate, cold or hot, and they themselves have contributed to destroying an entire ecosystem. There is no need to read data or studisre texts, just look at the river water as it has become, how many forests have disappeared, and everything around us has deteriorated. If you don’t believe in climate change then do you at least believe the planet will get rid of us? Gaia, the earth, is a living planet, and whether or not there are human beings does not matter. Gaia will live on while humans either die or go to live on another planet. I can tell you that my grandparents never used a fan or an air conditioner because they used to go out in the cool under the trees. Now we live in buildings full of air conditioners. Is heat just a personal feeling? I do not know. But try asking people who sell air conditioners if it’s warmer now. πŸ˜†


  3. dolphinwrite
    Oct 05, 2021 @ 04:16:32

    Growing up, we learned about something called common sense. I’m thankful a few adults encouraged me to think, but also, that for several years, I had friends that all thought for themselves. With time, I learned to think with understanding, never buying into anything unless I checked it, again, thinking for myself with responsibility. **But I’m learning the world is filled with people who don’t have common sense, for only in this way, could such propaganda gain any foothold on people’s minds. **Here’s something: Whenever I’ve (or one of my friends) have been in position to explain common sense, the cause and effect relationship, and real information, there are those who can’t or won’t hear, so convinced of something without ever questioning their own thinking or the lack of information.


  4. dolphinwrite
    Oct 05, 2021 @ 17:15:35

    One more thing, because I think it bears saying: if a person says you don’t need to prove, they’ve just told you everything necessary about the lack of real effort to understand, but that it’s about emotions and their own unscientific or real efforts to understand. It’s akin to this: We go on picnics, and it rains. After 4 or 5 picnics, it rains 3-4 times, so we say picnics cause rain and there’s no need for any further evidence. With this kind of blind emotional belief, it’s no wonder so many have been propagandized. I suppose, thinking for yourself with responsibility, doing the hard work, and being willing to stand apart on real principles, is too hard for most. Can’t be popular among the propagandized and point fingers at the serious otherwise. It’s fascinating, but also explains why so many make bad decisions.


    • Fairy Queen
      Oct 06, 2021 @ 18:20:02

      I am really sorry because you are right. I found an article in Italian that clarified everything for me.
      My problem is that I studied at a scientific university where the texts talked about those data on climate change. Instead you are right and I was hoping that you would appear again to tell you that I will soon write another article to give better information on this topic and I kindly ask you if you have any links to suggest and to put in my new post. In the meantime, I’ll try to retrieve the article I found and translate some useful parts. I’m really sorry I didn’t believe you but you have to understand that my university professors had taught me a lot of things about Gaia that aren’t true. So it’s not my fault that I had the wrong information. Excuse me and please help me spread the right information.


  5. dolphinwrite
    Oct 06, 2021 @ 19:21:53

    I always believe searching people will find the information their own time, which I think is the best way. However, and you probably already know, you can look up scientists who disagree with Washington, then listen to their lectures, on youtube and otherwise. There are also bloggers who demonstrate with real information. All the best.


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