When I have a friend I tell everything to him/ her but I’ve seen that he/ she has secrets for me. He/ she doesn’t tell me everything.My friends are strange people and I don’t see them that often they visit the day like iguanas and the night they forget where they parked. They do jobs that you don’t understand they always have their phones dead and in the eyes the eyes when they built houses with the sofa cushions. To recognize ourselves we open shells that make a flash, we find them in our pockets without knowing it. My friends laugh like water and they broke a thousand lives to get here they have unscrewed the spiral of galaxies drank beer with the angels and they say it was a coincidence. But I know that they have come to empty the deposits of weeping to show a heart that sings beyond the balconies of sleep.
There are certain friendships that are destined to end. Without regrets, without rancor. Only awareness of something that was there before and is no longer there. They are those friendships, which leave you that light melancholy of pleasant memories, which have not left too much mark. That you will remember in the strangest moments, wondering what happened to that person, but without the bitterness that the loss of a true friendship can leave you. That will make you greet that person on the street with a smile but no, it won’t make you stop talking. They are those friendships that are created in a short time and crumble in even less, that without realizing it slip away from your hands, until all of a sudden you realize you don’t know anything about that person anymore. And it doesn’t hurt the loss, because it’s so gradual that it almost comes naturally. They are those friendships that will remain forgotten in a secret diary or in a photo album of your adolescence. And it will be like losing one of the many clothespins that no, it’s not your favorite.
It was a long painful time, because she wasn’t there. When she disappeared from my life, my world was empty and my dark times got worse … I remember when I was at the lake watching the sunset and wondering why all this was happening, why I lost you, why you weren’t here by my side. After months and months, I got over everything and my heart closed, it was all right in a way. Then you came back and my life went back to being like many months ago, I was fine again, I didn’t understand why but it was going much better than “all right” … And it was strange. Until then we started talking to each other again and there I understood after weeks why … Because you were and have remained the most important person in my life, which gives me an absurd purpose and relief, where all the pain dissolves and disappears. You are the best friend I could ever want and have by my side … Watching the sunset and thinking that tomorrow will be a new day next to you, just makes me understand how much I have to fight to be able to meet you one day and hold you in my arms. It will be the greatest joy of my life, to see you and hug you … Fuck how good it would be … I can’t stop smiling at the thought … Imagine how important you are to me.

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