“How people change in front of the truth. Ad a smile that nails them. Ad a silence that strips them of their falsity. Parrot. Those of the nights spent chatting. The ones you trusted. I have trusted so many people. and for the sake of your eternal trust, you have lost important days. A few smiles went out. Some dreams have been lost. You have even come to lose yourself. Don’t worry, it happens. First disdain to select who deserves to be close to us and first disdain to love us. I have trusted so many people. And today you know that too many know how to make promises. But few people know I will keep it. There are those who stay close to you when you force it to zero. When you have nothing left to offer. Here it is. Who stays close to you in those moments. It is a safe haven for dark days. I have trusted so many people. Yours who have always loved him people who after a hug are emptied. Who have nothing more to say. Because that’s where you recognize yourself. Because it is when the silence begins that they begin to speak. This is why it is difficult for you to do it, and insists on the proximity and diffusion of those who have given your hello to greet you. There is a trust in so many people and now they will go back a few minutes to go back to the truth to access the truth. That sincerity does not reward. To be able to say less about others and more about yourself.
Parents who want from their children what they themselves are not and do not do. Teachers who demand from students what they themselves do not do and do not say. State that asks citizens what it does not demonstrate and does not act. This world is twisted because those who populate it look outside for everything they don’t know how to be inside. As long as we believe that reality is what manifests beyond ourselves, we are simply screwed.
This is the trouble, you closed your eyes, you blocked your ears, you lived as if only you were in the world. Then they are amazed when life finds them, takes them by the collar and puts them in front of the reality of civil coexistence. When troubles happen … “I was minding my own business”, and now so stay here: for a fact that you started with your eyes closed and now you have to finish it with your eyes open.
I have always argued that science fiction was just one of the many precursors to the new world, but the answer of many was that I was boasting bullshit or had smoked something. They are just movies they said. Many will turn off and have already started to turn off their consciousness, and this means that as soon as possible they will run to strengthen their neuro-muscular structures through digital implants. They will do it because they have already been disconnected from Being: they are not yet dead, but they have no relationship with their humanity. So it will be very easy to sell him the idea of ​​the superman. They are puppets unaware of themselves. In this way they will perceive that they have the world in their hands. They will be active, functional, fast. They will have a strengthened physical form and an encyclopedic memory. Just click on the wrist to install new features or get updates to previous ones. They will be computers convinced that they are living. The choice is always yours. However, one factor is important. They will sell something wonderful and they will know how to do it. They will tell you that you will feel something that no one has ever tried. That you will expand senses that you have never used. They will show you an instant paradise. A sex that until that day was confined to virtual reality. They will tell you that it will be normal to try it every day. They will sell you an easy life. Easy relationships. Easy wealth. Something you will want to try. Even just for fun. Even just once. And you will, you will do it because you have no idea what it means to live in resonance with your true Creation. For this you will look for an artificial one. How much you will like this perspective, or how much you already like it, depends on how far You are or are on your way to Being within your Life.

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