Many, many years ago a dragon named Dyris. Since he was a child his father had kept him breathing fire, but he, despite all his efforts, only gave a few coughs and hot air, but not even the shadow of the fire was visible. The father did not give up: it was impossible to see a figure who could not breathe fire and so he encouraged him:
- Dyris, breathe hard and then let out all the air! Courage, try! -
Dyris concentrated, took a deep breath and then… nothing, nothing happened.
Thus the years passed and little by little from Dyris's mouth some small sparks began to come out, then some flames and finally some flames. Delighted DYris spent his days going around firing left and right, but without realizing he was causing so much trouble: one day he set fire to a nest, another a squirrel's den, yet another a flower garden; in short, he had now become famous for the fires it caused.
Once he did a really big one: he set fire to King Federik's castle. Everyone had to run away. When DYris realized the great trouble he had done, he immediately set about putting out the fire: he went to the river and drank as much water as possible. When he arrived at the castle, he spat it out on the flames and in a short time the fire was extinguished.
From that day on, DYris understood that perhaps it was better to stop playing with fire and became a very good fireman whom everyone also called to water their garden.

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