Do you know why we don’t understand things anymore? Because we no longer place ourselves at the height of the grass. We think we are tall as oaks and we do not realize that we are as thin as blades of grass. We are abstract: only a breath remains of us. The elegance of the surrounding nature allows us to understand that everything passes and changes. But, while the natural Energy does it through silence, we cross this earth with a heavy step. We, who less than any other being would have the right. Because we have all the laws of the cosmos at hand and we don’t use them. Because we were born into the world to be happy and we prefer sadness. Yes, sadness is a mental condition, it is a choice. Each of us, in the morning, can wake up and choose. But we don’t do it because we are afraid. We are the ones who have to learn, once again, from what surrounds us, be they animals or plants. We are not oaks silhouetted against the sky, or dancing eagles. Our nature is still radically welded to the ground: this is why we allow ourselves to trample it, humiliate it and tear it as we do with blades of grass. You always learn from the little things. And from the big ones. And I have never seen anything more subtle and vast than a lush meadow.
People shouldn’t be asked how you are, but are you happy? ”. This is a sentence I wrote some time ago on Facebook, supported by the motivation that the “How are you?” mechanically replicate “Good”. Regardless of the emotion you feel at that moment. No one is used to being asked REALLY “How are you?”: It has become a standard form, almost like the “Hello” or the “Good morning” which is answered as a form of education (and perhaps not even so sincere). “Good morning”, by now, it is also said to one’s worst enemy. The problem is that the “How are you?” it is slowly inserting itself into the same context. This is why when people meet someone who, after the classic standard answer, respond with a “No, really. How are you?” they are amazed. There is a general (wrong!) Acquisition of awareness that makes a good part of mankind think that no one really cares about how they are. Because? If I ask someone how they are doing it is because I REALLY want to know how they are doing. I want to know if he is happy, if he smiles, if he would like to cry and cannot, if he feels he is dying inside, if he would like to scream out of nervous tension. I want that someone to get rid of the burden of prepackaged “All right”. What if it’s not true? You are lying: you are including a lie in your personality that will allow, once again, the Other to take a piece of you. It is a lie to oneself, even before others. It is hiding behind a finger, a loaded gun aimed at the temple. What if we used the truth instead? What if we said “It sucks. But it will pass ”? It is not a lie: you always know that it passes, even when there seems to be no hope. Let’s make our “How are you?” does not turn into an optional, something given as a gift that we do not like and that remains to mold in some drawer. It is not true that those who ask you do not care to know how you are. I care, for example.

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