Doesn't Lily Collins remind you of the famous and mythical Audrey Hepburn? The deeply dark look, the sober style, the simplicity of her elegance, all bring back to the actress we appreciated and loved in Breakfast at Tiffany's. 
I discovered it in the film Inheritance, which I loved very much. I see that she is an inconspicuous and not redone actress. I see her simple makeup and her essential style and it reminds me of the divine Audrey. What do you think?
Lily Collins evokes the myth of Audrey Hepburn, who has always been her great source of inspiration. And the similarity between the two is truly remarkable. And it is precisely her charm that reminds many and makes us think of another great actress, in this case from the past, whose resemblance to Collins is truly impressive.
The clothes she wears do not require a perfect physique. They are simple and the style can be imitated by any girl. Its beauty is simplicity. No heavy makeup, no very long nails, no too flashy shoes. Only herself in an exemplary mîse.
If you have to go to an event, a party, a wedding, here, you can take a cue from her. Be simple and cute with clothes that are not vulgar and not too expensive.
Even in a tank top and ponytail, Lily looks elegant and fabulous. You can be the queen of charm even just by wearing very normal and casual clothes.
So this post of mine is an invitation to all girls to look for a simpler, less flashy, and more elegant but not flashy style. After all, it takes very little to be cute. Don’t use kilos of makeup, don’t wear false eyelashes, don’t stand on the toes of stilettos to look beautiful. You already are and those who don’t appreciate you don’t deserve you.

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