I collect crystalline dew for your feet of pearl that I will drip during your sleep.
When you wake up, your extremities they will have the essence of nature and your smile will be sparkling foam under the loving gaze of the sun.
Your feet are your roots that’s why they are important!
On the other hand: how can he stay healthy a plant, if it does not have strong roots?
Therefore every day in the early hours of dawn while you are still resting,
I rise from our bed I leave our shelter and in search I go of the precious frost that I drip on your roots
that I caress with the sweetness of your gaze that I smell with the expertise of the bee
that I kiss with passion of the lover.
The blue spring at your feet, the mysterious red calm of your mouth, darkened by the drowsiness of the foliage, by the dark gold of sunflowers.
Your eyelids are heavy with poppy and softly dream on my forehead.
Sweet bells furrow the chest with a tremor.
A blue cloud is your face on me lowered in the twilight.
A song on the guitar, echoing in a foreign tavern,
the wild elder bushes there, a long past July day, familiar footsteps on the dimly lit staircase,
the sight of darkened beams,
an open window, from which a sweet hope; unspeakable are,
Oh God, these things, and one falls to one’s knees.
If I find myself traveling in your hair,
with the wind, in the car,
we travel friends, explorers of daring feelings.
If I find myself in your sun-beamed face, in this salty air, photographing the stars to make you smile.
And you who want me to be your only travel companion,
your only North Star,
and we run towards a new destination
and I feel light with you next to me,
and I still feel full of sea and wind.
I have angels in my feet
when you say you’re coming,
I have angels singing in the summer heart of the night.
You will put flowers on my feet,
you will kiss them
and you too will hear those songs.
I will be silent
and only your mouth will draw words on my ankles.
In my hands I mix the sea water to find myself,
I hear the sound of the nearest waves,
you exist in my eyes that look away.
I am ready for the next wave,
at your feet, bent,
adored sleepwalker wandering in hearts of sand.
I mix drops, tears of sunshine,
I water my wings with your wet memory.
I’m not expecting anything.
I haven’t been born yet.
I am inside a closed shell.
Do you know what makes me shiver? Thinking about all the time it took me to learn about you. I took out a mortgage to buy a castle made of details from your life, and just when I thought I was there to pay it off, you kicked me out. I stopped songs, stopped watching movies and stopped books in the middle, never started again, only to answer the phone and listen to you complaining about the hairdresser. Or time. Or inflation. Before you, I knew the names of the Alps. Or rather, I knew that saying that helps you remember them. Yesterday I spent an hour trying to remember it: but with great pain … nothing, I lost it. I would like to take everything I know about you out of my head to make some space, but I can’t. And that’s what scares me. I am a soldier with no country left to defend. I, the enchanted queen, am still convinced that someday you will come knocking on my door again. I try not to lose pieces of you, to keep everything inside, and when you make yourself weak I blow on you to revive you, like you do on candles, being careful not to make too strong. And I know you will not return: I am the queen and you are my servant. But that’s okay with me, remembering all your bullshit makes me feel useful. I don’t want to ask you to come back: if you want, you will. In the meantime I will work hard not to walk flying over the Alps “.

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. mattsnyder1970
    Aug 11, 2021 @ 10:58:53

    ❤ curious…can I read this piece of my short story..I know it’s not a story exactly but it is an incredible read.


    • Fairy Queen
      Aug 12, 2021 @ 10:24:10

      No, in this case they are just pieces of written emotions. When I write a whole story I usually put just one image and then under it I write the whole story. You can find my stories in the “SOME STORIES” section.


  2. mattsnyder1970
    Aug 11, 2021 @ 10:59:24

    Shorty story podcast


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