When a European ship found a deserted island in Asia and Oceania, it left rabbits behind. Years or decades later another ship would find rabbits to eat. Rabbits multiplied for generations, losing memory of their origins and perhaps wondering if there was life beyond the impassable borders of water around the world and how intelligent life could have been generated in one’s world. The “sapiens” man is just 200 thousand years old, a spit in the times of the Earth, ridiculous in those of the galaxy. Will it be on the first contact menu?
I was talking about it with a friend last Friday. What if it’s us, the aliens? What if we didn’t belong in this world? After all we are the only animals to pollute, to deface nature, the only ones to be harmful to the environment. Without us, the planet would enjoy better health and this is a fact. We are abusive inhabitants of a place where we cannot live in harmony, real aliens in a place that our species does not need. Like any parasite, we ended up proliferating and becoming numerous, losing any residual coherence and becoming a danger even to ourselves. Mindless colonizers devoted to consumerism, we work to extinguish ourselves.
A friend of mine invites me to an evening with friends at his house, we plan to have a good aperitif (a word I hate, but we fly over) and to stay there all evening until late at night. Beautiful you would say, right? No. We are not all the same and if I like the idea of ​​a dinner too, I like staying up late at night with strangers. Indeed not at all. That's how it is, I'm introverted, I can't help it, being in such contexts, especially with people I don't know, makes me tired, almost at a certain point I feel sick. So it almost always happens that I choose (after some time anyway) to leave. Let's say that if dinner starts at 9 and ends at 10, I go at midnight at the latest, it still seems pretty decent. But of course, every time I leave, comments start about me, that I'm weird because I always leave first and that I hardly ever talk. Well, I'll answer you here, even if you'll never read. I am introverted. Social contexts do not put me at ease, and being with many people I don't know and to whom I have nothing to say given their target of topics (but this is not the time to talk about it). I much prefer situations in which I can really be able to talk to a person, be able to show who I am and why not, maybe allow that same person to be themselves, without having to pretend to be superficial just because the "pieces strong ”of the group are superficial. I believe that we introverts have our qualities too. The one mentioned above is one of many. And yes, I know that extroverts are MUCH more appreciable than an introvert within a group, they are the classic "leaders" those admired by girls because with their actions they are able to get noticed in contexts in which, I, do not I feel good. I think I have defeated shyness by now, but shyness is something you can work on. Being introverted no, you can't work with it, it's like being intolerant to some food: you eat little of it and nothing happens, but if you continue you feel bad. Same thing for me, I'm not an alien, just an intolerant, I'm not the first, certainly not the last, get used to it. And please, if you see someone who often seems to be down in the dumps while you are around, he is probably just waiting to be able to leave and he will never forget if, if you notice him, you tell him / her "quiet, if you don't like it you can come back at home, we'll tell you tomorrow ".

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