“You loved her, didn’t you?” He sighed. “How can I answer you? She was crazy, ”he smiled, lost in some memory. She ran a hand through her hair: “God, she was all crazy. Every day I woke up next to a different woman, once enterprising, the other awkward. Once exuberant, the other shy. It was a thousand women, her. But the scent was always the same, unmistakable. That was my only certainty. It was the scent of the journeys he still had to make, he told me. I asked her what she meant but she never explained it to me. He smiled at me and knew he was fooling me with that smile. Because I swear to you that when he smiled I didn’t understand anything anymore, man. I didn’t understand anything anymore. I could no longer speak or think. Nothing, zero. Suddenly there was just her. She was crazy “she laughed” all crazy. Sometimes he got lost looking at a globe or a painting, it took hours for him to come to his senses. And that mania of hers for always wearing pants … I’ve never seen her with a skirt, you know? Sometimes she cried at night. They say that in that case the women just want a hug. Not her. She got nervous being near me in those moments. She got dressed and stayed in the garden all night, and woe betide her. She was ordering me to leave her alone. I heard her cry, even today I am convinced that she was talking to someone, in those terrible nights. There was something about her, my friend. I don’t know what, but she wasn’t a normal girl. There was something about her, or there were other girls about her, I still can’t tell you today. But I remember she was at my wedding. We were on the church square, she was hidden. She had her red suit, a suitcase in her hand, an elegant hat. What are you doing here? I asked her. And you, guess what she did? He smiled at me. I wanted to congratulate you, he told me. But I never invited you to my wedding, how did you know? I know everything, he replied. Yes, I know. Are you leaving? It was. Where do you go? Street. Street where? I don’t know, I’m going to dream about something. Can’t you dream here? I’m looking for dreams somewhere else. She was crazy, my friend. She was all crazy and had a smile to take your breath away. And what do I know if I loved her? How many women have I loved in her? I bet he still has that scent and that smile, and I bet he only wears pants even now that it’s been years. I also bet she is looking for dreams somewhere in the world and that I might find her in front of my house someday. It was terrifying, man. And I loved her so much.

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  1. mattsnyder1970
    Aug 14, 2021 @ 13:47:56

    Being that this is an actual story, I was wondering if so could read this and the frog story on my short story Saturday podcast ?


    • Fairy Queen
      Aug 14, 2021 @ 14:59:49

      I’ve toldo you in your blog, in a comment, that I’m italian, I can read English language and understand. But Audio story is more difficult for me.


      • mattsnyder1970
        Aug 14, 2021 @ 15:05:41

        Right, I understand. But you have cool stories that I would to read an expand to a broader audience.

      • Fairy Queen
        Aug 15, 2021 @ 14:12:08

        If you want someone else read my stories you can share their links, if you want. For me, writing is just a way to avoid pain. I don’t write to be famous. I’m not looking for glory and not even money. Never. I am very naive. The most important thing in my life is to save children, people and animals. But I sincerely thank you for your interest. You are truly a good man.

      • mattsnyder1970
        Aug 15, 2021 @ 15:47:05

        Ok sorry I asked

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