I have been a strong person. Nobody really knows, but I really was. I had to sharpen the claws of my soul to avoid slipping, and I continued to hold on, not realizing that I was slowly fading. I go on laughing loudly, talking quickly, with shaking hands and burning eyes. It is heartbreaking to hear nothing but the negative. I have been a strong person, but I don’t know if I will still be strong tomorrow. At the moment I just have a huge lump in my throat that I can’t swallow so big it is, but I can’t fall, I can’t physically afford it. And then I will stay here, I will stop because I am unable to go on and I will let my body go on. Maybe we will meet again.
The friendship between man and animal is certainly more sincere. An animal cannot be fake, because he has nothing to lose. So if when I arrive you come to me, if when I call you you turn around, if when I approach you don’t get scared like everyone else, if you understand me better than others, maybe there will be a reason. I still remember the first time I saw you: it felt like a dream. It was love at first sight and I know it was a little bit for you too. I was 11 when we met. And as small and naive as I was believe me, I did everything for you. And our bond has grown, it has matured and now that it seems all over I feel a little lost. We, such a strong team. So similar albeit of two different species. You so sensitive you have changed the way I see things. Now I know that behind everything there is always another. I know that we must always look beyond, as I did with you. And I will not forget a single moment of my story with you, that you have always been there with your looks that were worth much more than a thousand words. That you looked at me before each race a bit strange, to you who had the determination of two. To you who have always made it. To you who believed in it more than me. With your tempini, your sweet eyes. There is no more intimate secret than between you and me. And believe me if I’ve lived more on you than here on earth. Because you gave me wings to fly, the love I needed and nobody will ever give me this again. And now that everything seems to end I don’t know who will be able to make my back tremble anymore. Who will snatch a smile from me in my every dark moment. I just know that even if I have grown up and maybe a little too much for you, I will continue to be close to you every day of my life. Run fast, you thrill me just to make me proud of you. And I always have been. Everyone has a reason to keep fighting and you, my baby, are my reason.

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