Once upon a time there were PINCO, an avid gamer, and Palla, his girlfriend, also very fond of the world of video games.
PINCO had made many videos on youtube but now he had switched to Twitch where he had even more following.
PINCO and PALLA woke up every morning with the sweet sound of the voice of some streamer commenting on some game. Throughout the house resounded the voices of these boys and girls who played for hours and hours without stopping.
But PALLA did not like the voice of a player, who was called Toreador, because his voice was lavishly ringing. He said it to Pinco but PINCO preferred him, because he played an interesting game. Palla only knew his voice and had never seen who he was.
One day PALLA started looking for other channels to look for companions to play with. So by chance he found a channel where there was a boy playing a very old game. She saw it and was impressed that the player did not speak during the game. Yet he had many followers. PALLA wrote to him and he answered her. They started talking to each other often. PALLA went to his channel and played that absurd game but only to be with that guy named Starry.
He told PINCO that there was a videogamer playing an old game, but PINCO was too busy watching Toreador and didn't give him any weight.
PINCO continued to write to Starry and then one day Starry gave her his cell phone and invited her on a video call. PALLA was so into him and she was thrilled. When she heard him speak she recognized Toreador's voice in him and was amazed. But now she was so in love that her voice, which she had never tolerated, became the most beautiful for her. Starry invited her to attend a fair with him. PALLA told him that his boyfriend would be pissed off. But Starry persisted. Palla thought that in fact she should have gone because her boyfriend was now playing and watching players play and neglecting her.
So he gave the welcome to PINCO. And one day PINCO saw his ex-girlfriend appear on Toreador's screen saying: “Hi PINCO, now you will always have to see me and listen only to my voice. ”And Toreador nodded.
PINCO put his hands to his hair and threw the joystick against the screen. He had lost his girlfriend and also the taste for playing.

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