The other day I was on the street, with headphones in my ears, and I was listening to a song that I like so much. As always, when I listen to a song that I like so much, I escape from singing. I always sing: in the car, on a moped, on foot, in the shower, while I do the cleaning, while I am doing an exam … I am very annoying. In the evening after dinner, sometimes, I lock myself in my room, put on a base and sing. To the delight of the neighbors. Anyway, closed the parenthesis on my disturbing harassment, when I’m on the street I’m a little ashamed, in short, I don’t want to look crazy. So, the other day, when I realized I was singing out loud, I blushed a little and lowered the tone. But then I realized that no one had turned around hearing me sing. In short, if I heard someone singing loudly in the street, I would turn around. Then I realized it: no one had turned around because no one had heard me. They all had headphones, just like me.
And then I thought that it is really true that we are islands. We are closed universes, mostly parallel, with our internal worlds and our headphones. Is not beautiful. It is not nice that we are no longer willing to listen to the world around us, it is not nice that we are no longer willing to enter a universe that is different, foreign from ours. Even when we talk to each other, we continue to be islands. We never really listen to anyone. We remain in stand-by, while our interlocutor speaks, until he says something that sounds familiar to us and that allows us to reply with a very self-centered “yes, in fact, me too …” or that gives us the opportunity to show off our very just and absolutely not required opinion.
In short, at the end of the fair, most of us don’t listen to understand, listen to answer. Maybe I’m telling you something super interesting about a new scientific discovery on a topic that should involve you and you, instead of listening with a bit of healthy curiosity, attack me, interrupt me, reply to cazzium dogs, because you feel your own undermined cupboard. So it turns out that you remain ignorant, while I come out a little offended by the way you have pissed me in the face.
Or maybe I just need a real friend who just listens to me, because I’m going through a terrible time and I get the impression that nobody in the universe cares and you, instead of giving me my 10 minutes of genuine attention that I’m looking for. , you listen to answer me, to give me advice, to tell me what to do and where I’m wrong, or to tell me that you understand me why you went through it too. But I didn’t ask you for this. In fact, I didn’t ask you for anything at all. It would be nice if we all, out of the blue, took off our headphones and started listening to each other.

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  1. ahmarriaz
    Aug 21, 2021 @ 12:49:06



  2. rosaboschetti
    Aug 22, 2021 @ 07:01:45

    Interesante reflexión, estoy de acuerdo contigo en que deberíamos quitarnos los auriculares y me atrevo añadir que también las gríngolas. Pero creo que no lo hacemos porque en el afán de ser “diferente” nos hemos metidos dentro de nuestras propias burbujas y miramos el mundo exterior a través del tamiz de esa burbuja. No vemos ni escuchamos la realidad, tan solo interpretamos algunas señales y sus mensajes los acomodamos a nuestras creencias. Un abrazo 🐾


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