Once When our eyes met it was a mix of emotions
Our love could be seen from miles away Now I don’t know what happened
Our eyes no longer meet
Our heads are positioned downwards
And our visual trajectory is the floor If we behave like this it is because if our eyes were to cross again,
everyone would realize that in reality we are lying to ourselves and that our love continues to live, only that it scared us,
because it was such a strong love that we consumed,
so we were cowards,
we were afraid to fight and we gave up on ours forever.
You will have no reason to think of me And I won’t have it either But I will do it anyway When I hear a song you like
When I hear a joke that you made but made by another person, it won’t make me laugh in the same way
When I listen to someone who has the same dream as you
When I have strange eyes and hands on me that are not yours When “two coffees, thank you” but the other is not for you
When the car that stops to get you isn’t yours
When warm and welcoming arms don’t have your scent I will think you.
And I will belong to you for a while longer
But I will do nothing to change this situation.
Despite this, I want to let you know that a part of me will always remain yours
That the wish of 23:23 is always you
And that I’m not doing anything to stop loving you I’m just getting distracted from love.
Slowly you are slipping
Your face is slowly fading Like the smoke from this cigarette
The memory of you fades
And yes slowly I’m better
Although I feel palpitations in my throat
An emptiness in the stomach
And so I write looking at that star In the hope that you are watching it too I became apathetic
Disappointment devours me
And while waiting, I listen to our music
And I cry as I withdraw your face I also lost hope of receiving a call from you Yup
A sudden call In the middle of the night You are gone now
But apparently you are fine
And I promise you that I will try to be happy like this If you are too But know that I am ready to forgive you
And I wait for you every fucking minute, moment

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