They are reducing the world population and we don't even realize it.
We are pushed to have sex for fun by porn sites and TV shows like Geordie and Jersey Shore as they bombard us with Durex ads so that we don't have children. Now committing suicide has become a game. Now you are so stupid that you agree to throw yourself out of a building to be filmed and to post it on social media. To "win" a game in which we lose our lives. To be "cool" in the eyes of others. And to please a "curator" who does not know who the fuck he is, where he comes from, who the fuck he thinks he is to give us orders. And what orders then. We are so dumb and bored that we choose to become their dogs. We are easy to manipulate. Easy to control with a stick. We're just stupid humans. Who let themselves be manipulated by other stupid humans. They tell us thrown out of the building and we rightly throw ourselves. Because they are powerful, then they punish us, wow, what a fear. What the fuck is your life worth ?! What the fuck would you like to be when you grow up? People who let themselves be manipulated by ordinary balls? People who put their lives in the hands of others? Do you like bleating like sheep? You think you do and you don't even notice it. We are a flock of retarded people heading straight for the slaughterhouse. Including myself, I am no better than you.
Much of the population is addicted to drugs such as cocaine and heroin that speed up our death, turning us into a cluster of zombies. Now The Walking Dead doesn't just feel like a TV series.
Are you pregnant and didn't know? You can have an abortion.
Are you pregnant and do you know it? Morning after pill.
As long as we are teenagers we go to the disco, we get drunk, we fuck all night and the next morning we don't even remember what he looked like.
I've seen 13-year-olds smoking a 20-a-day pack of Marlboros, I've seen girls lose their virginity in a nightclub bathroom. I've seen guys my age ruin themselves by snorting their traumas on small tables as black as the shadow of their soul. Who smoked burning it on the tinfoil.
And I wonder what the fuck am I doing in this world of shit.
It will not only be you who will become sterile but our entire generation.

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  1. giacomoasinello
    Aug 25, 2021 @ 09:57:25

    Yes. All true. But it will soon be coming to an end. The great purification is coming. Just hold on.


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