As children they teach us that monsters lose, perhaps not immediately, but that they are destined to lose. Bullshits. Monsters are the ones who WIN always and in any case. They are the ones who have the face of an angel and who are believed by everyone, they are the ones who pretend to be perfect and who appear as such in the eyes of the people. Monsters are those who want to ingratiate themselves with your friendship in every way, and who at the first opportunity they spit poison on you. Monsters are those people who pretend to love, but who know nothing about love. Monsters are the ones who need to demolish others to feel better. Monsters are all around us and they are the ones you least expect, the ones that seem most perfectly true of all, they are ready to hurt you at the first opportunity. I have met so many monsters and the only thing I can say is that I have seen them win too many times, they have always managed to take away the people most dear to me. Why the fuck didn’t you tell us the truth first? “Monsters win and no one lived happily ever after,” that’s how it really ends.

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