An eyelash is so fragile. I often think about it and realize that I am only a tiny eyelash in this world. You know the exact moment when you blow an eyelash and make it fly not knowing where it is anymore? Well, that’s exactly how I feel, just a little gust of wind and they vanish into nothingness, into my nothingness. I get lost and destroyed easily, but I never completely die.

Being the “weak” in a pack of wolves will tear me to shreds: they will nourirannno of my flesh to survive; If not, my vital organs will be stronger. That same concept has been carried over to human beings, I see that wolves and men overlap perfectly, but there will always be one difference: humans are much worse than wolves; humans destroy wide inside!
It suffers. It’s everyone’s turn. You suffer physically, psychologically and emotionally, but you are used to it. We are used to believing that it is normal to suffer, but it probably isn’t, we lock ourselves in a cage believing that feeling pain is somehow right or at least justifiable, but it is not. Suffering is a cage that we create for ourselves out of fear of actually suffering, because we believe that being aware of the pain protects us in some absurd and sick way. We believe that knowing that we are in pain makes us feel less pain when something more painful happens, but it is absolutely absurd! We are so afraid that we ourselves are the cause of our suffering.
One beautiful day everything changes, beautiful so to speak. We grow up. We grow up and dreams vanish, stop, there is an emotional collapse, there is an interior emptying, a decrease in expectations; negative growth. We grow up and expect many beautiful things, but they don’t happen. It would be better to remain children, remain dreamy and happy, remain fascinated by the little one and hungry for curiosity. What then grows and hunger passes, everything seems so banal and obvious, the wonder becomes disgust and disgust turns into hate. One becomes passive to the world. You become something, but something empty. We grow up and reach the peak of failure, we expect to start living well, instead we realize that we lived better before, with nothing, but in reality with everything: emotions and happiness.
“Love does not exist is a jam of the mind of misplaced questions and unconvinced answers. Do you want to take this free creature as a husband until God has decided or only while it lasts? “One of my favorite songs and, above all, my favorite piece of this song (who cares about the title is love doesn’t exist fabi gazze e silvestri) It is one of my favorite phrases because it fully describes what I think about love (if we want to call it that), to love there is no need to marry, to unite religiously or juridically, if you love someone stay there for as long as possible because you want, because this happens, because this is how things turn out: by doing them by not promising them! Love goes beyond being close, it goes beyond sharing pieces of life, it goes beyond marriage. love is a union of souls, in fact in the song the singers say “Love does not exist, but you and I exist”, because there are souls, there are bodies, there are moments, there is something that goes beyond everything, it exists a feeling that cannot be described ba nally from a word, because a word cannot contain a thousand facets, but “you and me” yes, it can contain anything that belongs to two people. You and I are, you and I exist, not love, you and I are something else: you and I are alive!

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