Every tree is born inside our heart,
branches inside our head,
takes root in our stomach.
Its sap is our blood.
We are living trees.
Our heart will branch out giving flowers and fruits.
Our body will expand giving life.
Each gem will be the future.
Each root will be love.
Our heart is a strong tree.
Touching a tree has always been a powerful,
symbiotic, ancestral, alive gesture for me and through it I live,
I am reborn,
I flourish again:
I become a cathedral in a cathedral.
The rain wets you, the winter transforms you,
I dress in your green,
I dress in leaves of the past and the future.
You tree taught me to remain serene,
to shed my sap,
to become air and flowers.
If you want to know something infinitely intimate about a person, you have to see how he moves, what he surrounds himself with, what music he listens to, what he reads or writes to himself, his photos, his drawings, his silences … the light blind that crosses it. I went from one piece of news to another while observing human history, it always fills with amazement, and I found a drawing by Mandela. Yes. Just him. Scrolling through many of his thoughts, African villages, dazzling suns and flying doves, I understood that all the people who fight for something big have the gaze of a child. Only with eyes so amazed by everything that surrounds them, from simple things and with an open mind to filter beauty, can you pursue such impossible paths and sometimes manage to confuse reality with a splendid dream. I was struck by the drawing of a Tree because I prefer them too, with strong roots, long and imperfect branches, filled with small leaves, knots and hollows for animals … The tree, you can draw it, photograph it, you can sit under it, climb it, observe it while it lets itself be embraced by the wind, offer shelter, shade, devour the bad air and send it back clean … in short, the tree is a example of inner light, of freedom that respects others. Mandela knew it, a heart cannot get out of its space but aims high and finds the light, just like a Tree.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ashley
    Aug 28, 2021 @ 16:53:11

    I love trees too and hug them often 🤗 In the first photo I note all those dead leaves on the ground; strong winds and even more will fall and you will not find your ankles! 🙋‍♂️


  2. Joiel
    Aug 29, 2021 @ 18:50:31

    In nature there are the answers to the questions that we should ask ourselves, as well as the solution to many of our problems. Trees are great watchers and better storytellers.


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