I will vibrate the strings of your life, be in perennial tachcardia, in the end suck what you have to the marrow, don’t back down, don’t be afraid to take risks, don’t be afraid to throw yourself, make love as many times as you can, love and hate, but be light, laugh, cry, wipe him tears and be quick to ride and drop anchor; jump, jump as high as you can try to touch the sky, to step on the clouds, taste them and tell me if they taste like cotton candy, try to fly, spread your wings, tip to the stars and don’t be scared if you fall, you will take off again and so, again and again, you will fly.
It will be true that music makes our hearts vibrate but silence makes the beats skip, imperceptible palpitations and stillness. turn off the world, listen to the ghosts you carry inside. Who doesn’t have some ghost that they live with? We all have the famous skeletons in the closet, finding it depends only on the depth of the latter. hear the sound of your blood pumping into your heart, love moves under pressure.
And in the end I just have to lock myself inside my six strings, put them in front of me and look at the world through these singing bars, hear the echoes in the sound box that becomes my prison, my cell. Scream my pain to the world through the notes, only a few will understand, many will feel them as notes to themselves, the whole story of my life, my emotions and my feelings will not reach them. Also because making a string vibrate is something very personal, and fortunately few can understand my vibrations.
Dear me, I am writing to you because sometimes the courage you have is not enough for you. Do not give up. You know you can only count on your own strength. What are you still amazed at? You have learned to walk alone, to get up on your own … and you have long since stopped believing in others. Despite the mistakes you’ve made, you’ve never pulled back, you’ve never regretted, you’ve never looked for excuses… and now don’t apologize to anyone! You know how to smile like few others, because that smile never has ulterior motives, it always starts from your heart even when that heart explodes in your chest. Listen to me at least this time… don’t let anyone turn it off or even turn you off. LIVE because regrets are worse than death. LIVE AND FORGET because you don’t need anyone to feel peaceful. LIVE, FORGET AND LEARN: most people know the value of things and treat people as objects, as folds, as if they were nothing … you don’t … you know the value of emotions, even those that you pretended not to have . Live by getting excited about the little things, the little gestures, every detail that makes the difference between what is past, and can never come back, and a future that awaits you and that you deserve to live smiling as you may not have done yet.

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