Okay, maybe I’m still a little girl. I like to believe that age is just a number. I like to smile at people I don’t know early in the morning, when everyone’s shoes are wet with rain and their eyes are full of sleep, so that they too smile; I like to make funny faces at people while they are making a serious speech; I like to hug people when they don’t know I’m behind them to catch that moment of amazement in their eyes; I like to be silly, sometimes, to keep dark thoughts from eating me; I like to make noise and sing and laugh out loud and scream in order not to hear silence; I like to give unexpected gifts when there is nothing to celebrate; I like to live in my enchanted world where everything is special and people can love each other without doubts, shyness or distances and imagine that something will happen that will save my life; I like to feel light and see the eyes of people in love that shine. Okay, I will still be a child, but children know how to live and wonder and laugh and dream and they have courage to sell; adults don’t.

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  1. Joiel
    Aug 30, 2021 @ 17:24:26

    Volver a ser un niño es recuperar la inocencia y la capacidad de soñar, mientras que el miedo es una carga demasiado pesada que siemrpe está al borde del precipicio. Puede arrastranos o no. Los sueños, la ilusión, la esperanza, son caminos escondidos que están ahí, esperándote.


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