I mentioned here that it will be the precycle, but this feeling is back again, which I could define as “feeling the need to have someone by my side” (aka getting engaged). This feeling, every time it touches the strings that unite my heart and brain and knocks me, pisses me off like a beast. I am aware that I am a whole entity, whole in myself and that the other would be something more that adds something to my already present wholeness. I am a. Complete. So WHY do I feel this need / this need? Certainly a great role plays the fact that I have never been in that situation and this sharpens the curiosity of “who knows how it is”, but the feeling is so universal, as to seem almost psycho-biological. In our mind it is natural to mate and love each other and not be alone (I mean only in the sense of love affair) and I think that there are no people born, raised and died without ever having sentimentally loved someone (spoiler: I will have my Nobel Prize). So why is this need felt? Need to feel loved? Then it is selfish, because I am looking for someone to simply satisfy my need. If it is a plus and I am whole, I (like everyone) do not need to feel this feeling. I get pissed off like a beast also because, having this awareness of its non-necessity, I feel weak. Psychology would tell me that we are social animals, that we have an ego that needs to be satisfied, that we need to feel loved. But I have 300 different loves in which I feel loved, why the need for THAT kind of feeling loved? Romantic love is told in a thousand forms of art since the dawn of time, as if it were in first place among the types of love that exist and it is perhaps this that influences us too much and makes us desire things that would not make much sense to desire, a little ‘how it works with advertising that makes you want to buy things you ultimately don’t need. So … why do we generally feel the desire for this addition to our life? I don’t want to feel the need, I don’t need any additions, I have to fit in my entirety as an individual because … But, precisely, why the opposite? Whenever I dissect these thoughts well, I usually go through everything and go back to normal with my non-need for anything but ME … let it happen for the umpteenth time, thank you.


Flowers of the sun bloom,
The beat of the earth rises from the evening breath,
It descends into the belly,
It goes even lower,
A feathered snake
Leave its nest
To get to the best prey.
Twist guts and flowers,
Intertwine strange things and loves,
Infiltrate signs and insects,
Inside paintings and corsets.
End of myself, 
another begins.
Shake planets, 
shake secrets, 
Bells, engine sounds.


melt birds of color melt feathers inside the heart touched by mud we exist in a black kiss. we are the hidden moon.
feel living underground seeds that will become skies.
light fingers on the frost.
we are warriors of the stars,
we carry galaxies in our hearts.
Forget the life inside the blood,
we are the whole sky.
my body was your queen my body was your mind.
queen butterfly.
I went underwater,
I breathed,
I got back up,
I knew I was drowned.
I am a strange form of water. I am liquid.
What if the fire burns me?


In January 1993 Brandon Teena arrives in Falla City (Nebraska), a cute young man who kills hearts among his peers and conquers that of Lana, who gives herself with passion and satisfaction. When Brandon is revealed to be a girl, two of the group’s goofy boys lose their minds and violence erupts. From a news story on which the debut director and Andy Bienen worked for 5 years creating a painful movie based on a true story.


Friendship is when you feel like telling all your thoughts. When you finally believe that someone can welcome you. But not everyone is capable of welcoming.
Why? Because maybe they are more messed up than you but they don’t tell you.
Because if you think your life is useless, they think of themselves even worse.
So leave them alone.
Men are always busy. Women are always busy.
Friendship is a robotic function of your buggy brain.
Why do you still believe that human beings hesitate but instead here they are, here they are human beings.
Did you know that they are all aliens like you, what did you expect?
Friendship is underground.
It cannot exist between man and woman.
Either he falls in love or she falls in love.
And you don’t like love.
You prefer the ocean.
It is better to look at all different waves than human beings who are all alike.
Could someone have done something?
Yes, someone could have held out a hand but didn’t.
Then rest in peace, sweet friendship.


Tired, not of this world but of society.
I am so exhausted.
So full of voice but silenced.
So full of light but constantly in shadow.
Why is kindness mistaken for weakness?
Why is attention deflected out of love?
What a bad thing humanity is sometimes.
I wanted to say a lot of things about myself, because I couldn’t tell anyone.
Because as a child the monster covered my mouth and put his crappy thing in it.
I wanted to say a lot about my childhood abuse but I understand that no one wants to hear sad things.
My diaphragm deviated from the weight above me, my breathing problems.
I don’t want to say anything anymore because I don’t want to talk about myself anymore.
There are times when something needs to be thrown out but the other refuses to act as a container.
Then we close again.
The darkness is put back in its place and Adios.


I like those people who know how to be present. That you know they are there even if sometimes they disappear. That make space in your time but without being intrusive. That maybe you haven’t heard them for quite a while but then they look you in the eye and know what you are not saying. That maybe you haven’t hugged them for quite a while but then they hug you and then you understand why they do and the others don’t. That the “I have nothing” know how to recognize them. Where you can’t make it with a smile they remind you of who you are. I like those people who, when you don’t want anyone around them, become silence. And they stay there and wait for the darkness around you to end. That go away but do not disappear. I like those people who in the chaos of being there act calmly and kindly. Who know you as you know yourself and absurdly, perhaps, even more so. I like those people that life sometimes gives you because in the end you deserve them. And that came like this, when you least expect it. For all the slaps you’ve taken. For all the crap you swallowed. Who do not know they are gifts. Who don’t know they’re special. Who do not want to save anyone but they do. They don’t want to be miracles but they are.







As you well know I am not a gamer but I know many game characters thanks to cosplay. Therefore a very famous game that offers many more or less complex characters. Hope you enjoy both the female and male ones.


Why do certain clothes look absurd?
Because that's how fashion is: it doesn't just create clothes and trends, it's an art form that provokes an emotional reaction and prompts us to ask ourselves who we are. And this is what we writers do when we express ourselves. We do not want to tell about us or seduce someone but only arouse reactions and emotions.
Jean-Paul Gualtier is one of those internationally renowned designers who always inspires a lot of joy, and when I lived in London I met him personally and he was very nice. Especially for the irony of his fashion, as he demonstrated for the umpteenth time during the last spring haute couture show, when he dedicated the collection to his mentor Pierre Cardin, in an explosion of Space Age and Swinging 60s. Gualtier is a man who seems born on purpose to be the center of attention, one who knows how to monopolize the eyes thanks to a smile and the desire to play. As happened during the Twister challenge with Alessandro Cattelan during the late show And then there is Cattelan. L’enfant terrible, as the designer has often been nicknamed, is also preparing for his one man show to be held next October during the Parisian Fashion Freak Show. Now that Gaultier is no longer an enfant, his history is worth retracing.
Nicknamed the “enfant terrible” of fashion, his goal has always been to go against the tide: kilt suits for men, conical bustiers for women … In 1983, he devises and launches the concept of toy boy, the man dressed as a blue sailor which would eventually become his trademark.
Jean Paul Gaultier himself with fashion skirt


Once upon a time there was an owl that lived in a forest, along with many other specimens of its species.It rested preferably on the branch of a plane tree and, having a calm and peaceful character, remained there almost all the time. From that position, he watched the life unfolding around hmim. There were insects and animals that flew, ran around and chased each other incessantly. Witnessing the life of others did not amuse him on the contrary, he often felt tired and, not infrequently, a loud yawn caught him. His aunt, perched on a higher branch, urged him to move from his torpor and his sister, who was standing on a branch of the same tree, invited him to fly with her and her children. But Marino, this is his name, did not like the restless life of his relatives and begged them, with guttural sounds, to leave him alone. At night he hunted mice and green lizards and this was the only activity he carried out with pleasure. Often, in the middle of the night, when everyone else was asleep, he would exclaim: “I’m fed up, I’m fed up, I’m fed up!” He had had a friend, Doriano, who had soon made a family and therefore had abandoned him. He remembered that he had invited him to follow him into the holm oak grove where he lived a few kilometers away and one day he decided to accept his invitation. Opening its wide dove-colored wings, it flew into the unknown. As soon as he arrived, he heard himself called: “Marino, Marino, here you are at last! I was waiting for you”. The owl braked its flight and glided over an holm oak next to its newfound friend: “I left my hometown to live an adventure”. “Bravo, here you can have fun as much as you want”. Life in the holm oak was exciting. Doriano was part of a large group. There were birds of prey everywhere, especially owls and the food was plentiful. A true paradise. In the grove of plane trees he had been a loner. Now he enjoyed company and had become friendly and talkative. One night when he was making a larger flight than usual, he met an owl, a friend of Doriano’s. “What are you doing around here?” she asked him in a friendly hoarse voice. “I come from the woods not far from here. Would you like to visit it? ” Marino thought he had been too bold but the little owl blinked and emitted a pleasant throaty sound. Together, they took off and arrived at Marino’s house. They settled on his favorite plane tree. Owlette flapped her wide wings then remarked: “The world seen with you is beautiful.” “Marino, Marino where have you been?” His aunt and sister came down from the highest branches and alighted next to him. The aunt protested: “Why did you leave us? The children missed their uncle ”. “I left because I was in the mood for adventures. Here I was bored ”. The two women examined Owlette: “You have a nice partner… And now, what are you going to do? Will you leave us again? ” Marino was silent, undecided. Then the owl, offended, went away without saying anything. The fed up owl was very sorry. He found himself alone and bored again: ‘I’m sick, I’m sick, I’m sick!’ He would have liked to join Owlette, play with her and Doriano’s party, but something held him back. More and more often he exclaimed: “I’m fed up! I am fed up! I am fed up!” He would have liked to join Owlette, play with her and Doriano’s party, but something held him back. More and more often he exclaimed: “I’m fed up! I am fed up! I am fed up!” “Why don’t you go see her? Why don’t you go back to the holm oak grove? ” relatives who were worried about his mood encouraged him. “I do not want to”. One day Doriano arrived: “Marino, what’s wrong with you? Why didn’t you come to us anymore? ” “I was busy and then Gufetta abandoned me”. “You must know that Gufetta has returned to the holm oak because her mother was injured and needs treatment. She kept silent because she didn’t want to force you to stay with her, however, she always thinks of you ”. Marino was not in himself with joy. He greeted his relatives inviting them into the holm oak grove and exclaimed: “I’m not tired anymore! I’m not fed up anymore! I’m not tired anymore! ” The little owl was happy to find her mate again. Together, they decided they would never break up again. When they had owls, Marino invented stories to make them fall asleep and all the animals of the holm oak flocked to listen to them.


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