I gently knock before entering.

Woman. A bare and noteworthy soul. Sovereign of the dirtiest and most virgin thoughts of my mind.

You are white and red.

Purity and passion.

Sighs hover as if dreams ran too fast.

Collect the flowers of a sparkling meadow, of daisies blooming in the heat.

You speak.

With your eyes you speak of love, courage and persistence of thought.

You. That you make me savor the pleasure of pronouncing the word


which constantly turns to the meaning of elegance, uniqueness, desire ..

You are therefore a constant.

You are the thin red line that unites two souls near or far.
Sink your hand in my chest, wrap my heart. Make him hope.
My wings have been ripped off, losing them forever and now I am in pieces because I do not know how to climb up to fly again as before. I miss the drive towards Heaven. I terribly miss hugging him again. Now that I keep falling, who knows how I will do without their precious support? I just feel bad all over, especially in the heart that feels tired and empty. Confused and lost. Part of it has died out forever. Wandering on the ground aimlessly frightens me. What will become of Me? I will have to reinvent myself again, for the umpteenth time since I breathe. This is the only certainty I have at the moment.
The details make the difference as they eliminate any form of superficiality. The details make the purity and vulnerability of nature visible. The flower is an example of this. After all, the flower is like a human being whose beauty is just waiting to be grasped by those who will be able to love its details. Beyond any sign of superficiality. When the only reason is that everything is without a why.


When you have children in your arms, avoid crying out of sadness. It is not by transmitting your affliction to him that you communicate your affection. Children are like unfiltered antennas, picking up and absorbing emotions, truths and discomforts even at great distances. You think you love them at that moment, pretending that maybe everything is fine, in reality they have already understood everything and with that action you just slap and flood their emotions of suffering. Sometimes you just need to look at them and force yourself into a smile. Also because very often it is you who seek consolation in those hugs, not them.
There you are through those

Your unmistakable bows,

full-bodied and copious

pure white

to light up the dark sky

You arrived again this year

in the month dedicated to you,

but this time it won't be the same,

you won't try to protect us

only from the damn pollution!

You will try to do more,

I know for sure!

Your Mission

will be to freeze

even that damned virus

that every single day

knows so much about ultimatums

It will not be easy

but I know you will try your hardest

since Your Great Purity

can manage to counter everything!

My dear Snow,

while I'm there

I also ask you for another favor

this time of a personal nature

Please freeze

this hell

that rained down on me

between head and neck

Freeze bad luck

who wants to become my friend

Freeze envy

who wants me over

along with all those gossips

who want to destroy me


since I believe I have done nothing

to deserve them

I assure you that Mine

it is not victimhood

but what I live!

Turn this into permanent ice

and give me back my life forever!


For all those who love cosplay and comics I have chosen some videos of events in Italy where you can see various very interesting characters and costumes.
A cosplayer is an enthusiast, or more rarely a professional, who disguises himself to play a fictional character. The term cosplayer derives from the term cosplay, which translated means "acting with a costume".
Even in Italy, cosplay attracts thousands of people of all ages, so much so that there are now more than 180 events a year dedicated to this passion. One of the most famous events is certainly the Lucca Comics. 
If you want to participate in cosplay competitions at fairs, and are planning and building your skit to play on stage in front of the feared jury, I recommend that you record the entire dialogues on disk or on a stick because in addition to seeming more real, the scene does not have to keep the microphones in hand voices will be heard much better and you will avoid any errors caused by nervousness.
Cosplay (コ ス プ レ kosupure?) Is a Japanese Macedonian word formed by the fusion of the English words costume ("costume") and play ("game" or "interpretation") which indicates the practice of wearing a costume that represents a recognizable character in a specific scope and interpret its way of acting. 
A good half of the cosplay experience could therefore in a certain sense be considered as a form of acting. The other half, on the other hand, lies precisely in the sophisticated costumes, which for years can now be bought already made on the internet or in special shops. The majority of traditional cosplayers, however, find greater satisfaction in creating a costume with their own hands, learning various skills including the fundamental one of sewing.


How much I miss having a group of friends with whom to plan a holiday, or even just an evening, or a trip out of town on Sunday. I miss him so much. I grew up with the idea that friendship was one of the most important things in life, that it should always be cultivated, it was necessary to give it space, otherwise it would die in a short time. If I met the eighteen-year-old me or at least those years there, I would tell her not to worry too much about being there for certain people because friendships still die if there is a desire to carry them on in one direction. A few years ago I thought we were compacted into a nice and united group of people. It did not include all my friends but with that little group we felt and saw as a whole. Was beautiful. Then in a short time I discovered that we were united only by the same leitmotif of the evenings: alcohol. Outside of that nothingness. And it disintegrated in a short time, which in retrospect was a more than logical consequence. How sad. After a certain age the situation seems even worse. It seems that if you have children you should only go out with people who have children, even if they are slightly on your balls. Because if they play with children, that’s okay. If you are single, however, you have to disgust children always and in any case. At the aperitif, at the restaurant, with snot snacks, children are pissed off. Is there a middle ground? It exists and how, God forbid, but it is avoiding crossing my path I know. At times, more honestly in the past, I thought I wasn’t enough for some people, and I blamed myself if they cornered me. Then okay, a minimum of self-esteem and self-love have made me grow too, and what the fuck. Not that now I am not appalled in front of certain behaviors and opportunisms eh, sometimes I also suffer but not because I self-add some kind of guilt, more because I do not understand how some people manage to be so indifferent to the feelings of others.
I forgave anyone who caused me pain. And not because they apologized, they didn’t. I forgave them because my sanity, my balance, is much more important than feeling a grudge against them. The best revenge sometimes lies in realizing that we never really needed certain people.
Friends? I have no friends, I only have medicines.
Friends? I have no friends, I only have doctors to see every month.
Hopes? I left a lot of hope inside the flowers of the meadow when a hunter tried to kill me for stepping on his grain.
How can a little girl tell the difference between a green meadow and a green wheat field?
I had my classmates and I played looking for daisies, I played with dolls.
Now where have all my best friends gone?
Where have my girlfriends gone?
The cornfield was so nice and cool and I lay down there and wanted to stay there but a shot woke me up and I found that men could kill.


It has a strange effect, I don’t know if you understand. I mean, that looking into each other’s eyes so intensely, but for so little. A complex and enigmatic language, sometimes subtle. It can mean all or nothing. It is free, broad. We can give ourselves the taste of our interpretation or we can simply read what these two eyes can emanate. But no, I don’t do any of that. I don’t read, I don’t interpret. I live again. Images, feelings, scenarios and moments that transport me into the vortex of memory. A powerful vortex, which wonders what magical power gazes can have. It is a matter of seconds, really. But full of us.
The truth is, our relationship was nothing more than a merry-go-round. Some days we went up, we reached the sky, the stars and all the difficulties seemed far away from us. Almost imperceptible, they did not concern us. Other days, however, it hit rock bottom. Insecurity arose and the obstacles we tried to remove returned like boomerangs. In vain. Ours was a carousel of feelings where, unconscious, we decided to go up, long ago. Unaware, however, that neither of them would ever get out alive.
You start singing… I feel the world collapsing around me, and then rebuilding itself with each of your verses. In my chest again that feeling I had experienced that fateful evening while we were making love. In my heart the most total chaos, the tears now came out without even realizing it, and, at the thought, they still come back to moisten my face. I would have liked so much to tell you that I loved you that day but the words, all the words, failed in front of that gesture. Gesture that you defined as “nothing special” but that I consider everything … I, on the other hand, managed to find the most awkward and stupid way to tell you. Incredible but true, no one knows how, it went well with you


The Shadow is a powerful archetype, it is the container of all that we have lacked in good and all that we have received in evil. It is therefore our Alter Ego, the Enemy, the Antagonist, the one who in myths and fairy tales plays the role of the villain and who is often represented in the form of a monster, dragon or demon. All our suffering comes from being overwhelmed by the negative aspect of an archetype (the Shadow side) that we must first learn to see and recognize, and then to dominate, contrast, resist it. Most of our Shadow derives from the repression of emotions that slide into the unconscious and become more and more powerful because it is not allowed to express itself: the ego must learn to recognize negative emotions and express them in some way (catharsis, sport, art , etc.), because only in this way can he contact the positive emotions that are on a deeper level. The Shadow is the part of us that we must recognize and integrate because without it we will not be complete.
Just thinking about what I am, what I want to be, a shiver goes down the column, one of those sensations that flow only if unleashed create a tide of quite negative emotions. What I am and will be is a doubt still impossible to resolve, only by not assuming a form a mask, my true self comes out, which manifests itself in the shiver down my spine. A feeling that feels like entering a whole new dimension within me that I have never visited. I am often asked how I constantly think to give life to my inner self, the answer is not there, it happens when I least expect it and why I really want it. Only if I know who I am will I be able to give life to my dreams and passions without problems. On the way, it is only necessary to find this inner self by moving away from people who would tarnish the name I am now to continue a path towards self-confidence
Goodness is something that not all people deserve to show to others, if you are good being in harmony with yourself it does not mean that with all the others around us we are no longer good. We are not in harmony with ourselves just when we force ourselves to get along with someone just to please them. The truth is to find someone who is willing to respect our harmony with ourselves, which is not always possible.


The world was so beautiful, full of animals, plants, clear waters, birds and everything was clean, clear, wonderful. Then man came and started hunting, logging, fishing, building factories, polluting, destroying. Man has a large, efficient brain but in his existence he has proved to be very stupid because in a few centuries he has made many animals extinct and has destroyed the environment not only his but of many species that are now also in danger of extinction.
Can we still say that man is intelligent? The only race capable of self-destruction. This is indeed what is happening. Not an implacable God, not an insane nature, not a set of ineluctable and unpredictable circumstances. No, simply a continuous series of actions and dull choices dictated by the anxiety of power and greed. This is what is changing the planet we live on and which, sooner or later, will no longer bear the weight of so much madness.

More than 1.5 billion disposable masks ended up in the oceans and seas of the world in 2020. A figure that should alarm everyone, showing when our new habits have a highly negative impact on the environment. Moreover, a problem that will not be solved in the short time, since a mask takes around 450 years to decompose.

Plastic was perhaps the most relevant technological discovery since the age of metals. Even the most polluting. But the fault lies not with plastic, argue the large multinationals that produce it and use it instead of pure possible alternatives. The fault lies with the end users (i.e. consumers) who do not recycle completely and correctly. And we could almost almost agree with them if there were no doubts: but how did we manage to survive before? Yet we were reasonably happy and we were certainly not in the Middle Ages, given that modern plastics have been synthesized for just over half a century.
The problem is that plastics would be made to last forever, but they are used to make objects that, on the other hand, are only used once.


One thing that I often do and that I love to do is think back to the past. I know, on the one hand, that it’s wrong and that I should probably just be thinking about the present moment and trying to do something about the future, but I can’t. I like to see how things change and how I adapt to them too. In the last year, above all, I don’t think there has been a single person who has remained the same. It is nice to compare the old me with the new one and the reactions I would have had in a given situation totally change; Little remains of that person and one feels a little freer and slightly lost. I did things I swore to myself not to do and fell deeper than I thought I was going, only to feel better than I ever was and more aware of change, which is so hard to accept.
Sometimes I wonder what version of myself I will be, after what we are going through in this historical period. There are friends I haven’t seen for several months, people I have found not to be fundamental and others I actually miss. I have the feeling that I have embarked on a sort of path that does not involve major personal upheavals but some changes yes. And every change is frightening, uneasy, it raises questions that you don’t always want to answer. I have an idea of ​​who and what I am, but I don’t know what I will be or how this pandemic and the necessary social distancing to counter it will change my way of relating to others. I who know how to get used to, who can boast a fair talent in adapting to survive, I who have learned to do without things and people that were an integral part of my pre-pandemic life, how I will go back to the normalcy we had and that (hopefully) someday soon we’ll have it again? This is one of those moments that act as a watershed, which mark a boundary between the before and the after. And it’s the difference between the two sides that scares me.


Secret love of an unfortunate queen or amusement for her sad lonely life? A world of women fighting for a power that usually belongs to males. Female rivalry and unspoken desires in 18th century England. Who will win between the two rivals?


A lot of people are being thrown out of the way by their friends because they have an opposite thought to the directives of the system. A sort of “green punishment” or, given the times, “green pain” is being implemented. If you don’t think like me, I also deny you friendship (assuming there ever was). The sacrificed are there not to understand this behavior. They often write long lines to explain their point of view, as if to justify that their refusal to kill themselves or to participate in blackmail for freedom must also be questioned. I don’t know why they address them in these terms to those who screw them up overnight, and I don’t care. What I would like you to understand is that you are not alone in this advancement. The few ungovernable shown on TV are actually thousands. Let it be clear, however, that the pioneers have few friends and many pain in the ass. Those who have seen the truth of their intentions are bold not exalted. They don’t need support. So stop explaining which world you want and see, because on the other side they cannot and still cannot conceive it. Your mission is not to convince, but to create. If they trash you, it just means that you have created a rift between you and the old world. It just means that you have taken a step forward. Evolution, like childbirth, is never painless.
This is an inevitable path before the old is completely erased. You no longer go back to the previous life, whoever believes in it is in a state of denial or asleep; in any case, before the old reality is supplanted by the new one, there is the necessary intermediate step. That is the choice to be made to follow one’s purpose. This is happening NOW. The timing of the change depends in part on how well the zombies come to their senses, but it is clear that this state of affairs has a short-lived window, because it is not a process they can stop. Those who choose to rise are supported without delay, the others follow the fate that conforms to oblivion. You do not get out of the system by shortcuts, it is not a divine punishment, it is the destiny that you choose. And we must not fly our backs to ourselves and our ideas. Because we see the future and we ourselves see what we are. Those with a blind soul can only see the present. Our mission is to abdicate forward, even if everyone is against us. They don’t see, they just look.
Today I would like to bring a rather broad and complex issue, not easy to argue in a few lines, therefore I apologize in advance if I will not be able to be particularly detailed, and for this, I would like to have an opinion from you too, anonymously or not. (I state that I will not accept idiotic opinions), if you want to read my reflection. The more time passes, the more I realize how much we are living in a society that is sick to the core. Every day I read news, reflections or stories that leave me with a feeling of absurd anguish, about how the human race is increasingly losing sight of values ​​such as respect, empathy, humility and basic feelings, on many areas of life. I think I have understood, looking around over the years, from personal experience or the testimonies of third parties, that to survive in this rotten society, the only solution is to carve out a small piece of the world, gritting your teeth, keeping everything out. that rot, allowing only those who demonstrate that they have the same ideals as you, to cross that threshold, letting them enter their own space, after a careful evaluation. Often, I pause to reflect on when this irreversible change began. What exactly drove the human being to become so greedy for power and money, caring highly of others? So obsessed with having to receive positive feedback from others about your appearance, often even undermining your dignity, rather than being appreciated on what you have inside? So selfish to the point of putting their own vices first, destroying their families and not giving a damn about their children, creating inevitable traumas, just to satisfy their ego?
Do you know how things change? One morning you wake up and just at the exact moment that fraction of a second just before setting your foot on the ground you understand what you really want, what you are willing to put up with and what not, what or who you are willing to put aside because the thing is to One way street… And everything that crushed you until the night before, made you sick becomes the past. Important and non-erasable part of your life, but past. Something you don’t want to hear anymore. There is a greater awareness of who we are and what we want. The road ahead will be long and often difficult, but having chosen ourselves for once and not others will make us feel better.

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