I believe that an unhappy ending is closer to real life. We grew up with too many fairy tales with a happy ending and then in life we ​​don’t know how to make it happen. But we don’t know how to make it happen simply because there is no positive ending in real life. Not even a witch’s powerful magic can change the course of events today. Not even a thousand witches or a thousand prayers. You have to see things as they are and not always illusions which then create frustration.
The black sheep of a family are actually liberators of their family tree. Family members who do not fit into family rules or traditions, those who are constantly trying to revolutionize beliefs. Those who choose paths contrary to the well-trodden paths of family lines, those who are criticized, judged and even rejected. These are called to free the family from repetitive patterns that frustrate entire generations. These so-called “black sheep,” the ones that don’t fit, the ones that howl with rebellion, actually repair, detoxify and create new thriving branches in their family tree. Countless unfulfilled desires, shattered dreams, or frustrated talents of our ancestors are manifested through this revolt. By inertia, the family tree will do everything to maintain the castrating and toxic course of its trunk, which will make the rebel’s task difficult and conflicting. I am a black sheep. And I managed not to follow any flocks and not even any shepherds. I am a free animal but I am inside a golden cage, inside a house of playing cards, inside a life envied by everyone.
A lot of “forever” that by now the value of these two magical words has been lost and it is assumed that the end is coming. “Forever” means that for good and shit I will be next to you. If your head goes off, if you lose control, if you get angry and blow everything up, if you are confused *, if you are afraid, if we kill ourselves, if one day you are nervous * and you answer me badly, with “forever” I confirm that I will be there next to you, to put up with you and make you understand what is wrong and if anything also to send you to fuck, because there is but always coming back if you allow me. To endure does not mean to suffer, in fact forever lasts only if there are two of you to make it last and it is certainly not a passive who undergoes everything for the good of the two, on the contrary. The sentence is: if you allow me, ours is a “forever” Perhaps this is why no one is able to give it the right value anymore, it is a great responsibility – very beautiful – that many mistake for a burden.
What then I always try to express anger in some way, to find phrases on this social network to describe people, to go crazy following certain situations, to fight to the last breath but today I realize that it is useless to waste time with people who don’t want to listen, who stab you in the back and prefer to betray you and mix in shit. Up to now I have mixed too, now it’s time to let it go. The only lesson that I have understood from all of this is that there is a time to fight and one to let go. May I always recognize them.

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  1. Geoff Stamper
    Sep 04, 2021 @ 16:18:42

    Good post, although many original fairy tales were very dark and lightened up over the years.


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