Relying on a pen and paper, on a computer keyboard that mechanically resonates with every touch, is easier than you think. At first we don’t even know what to say, what to write, how to make the words that buzz in our heads flow into an ordered river to compose the text. What on earth will there be to say? What can I ever tell? Can I really relieve myself of my pain so easily? The answer is yes, of course, of course it can. Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter what you write, it doesn’t matter to find the right words when you find yourself chatting to yourself. You will not judge yourself, not now, so much will be the desire to make the words fly away that swarm like bees and land on the paper or on the computer screen. If I can really give advice to those who believe they do not want advice from anyone, it is to write to let off steam. If you really don’t want to be comforted, told what you should do, you can talk to yourself. Everything will seem clearer, simpler, when you turn all your worries into a text. You will be able to pretend that what you are going to reread is not really your life, you could become estranged from it and think more coldly, maybe even find the solution. You have to write, though. A lot, of whatever you want to talk about, without thinking too much. You can talk about trivialities if you want. You will be able to write in prose, in rhyme. You can cancel as many times as you want, start from scratch without any consequences, rewrite everything from scratch, change the parts you like least, vary the ending. You will be able to do everything in life that is not allowed to you, in the silence of your room, on a train bound for who knows where, in the office, at school, at the park, at the cinema. Writing is within everyone’s reach. Writing makes us powerful in our own way. You can write for the pleasure of it, you can write for the pleasure of others, you can delight whoever you want with writing. Writing makes you free, even more than speaking. Often, perhaps, you miss your voice, you get stuck in the back of your throat, you don’t have the courage to have your say. Try to write, then, just try to put what you think on paper; you will see that all the words will come spontaneously and you will feel like you are removing a weight from your heart. Writing is one of the few pleasures in life that is a duty to indulge, at least once.

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