I am face to face with myself, how long it hadn’t happened, I had almost forgotten how it felt, listening to the silence, reflecting on one’s life, on the changes and transformations it holds for us. Many times I found myself being with me, and it never scared me like now, perhaps because I’m no longer used to it. And I wondered why something inside me had taken over, so strong that it made me lose air and cause sudden tachycardias wherever I was. Anyone who has a character similar to mine can understand me well when I talk about having become a sort of time bomb, whatever happens outside of me, I care, perhaps even more than I should, so much that I can’t say “no” to no one, so much as to cause me inner discomfort, so much so that I forget about myself, my time, my habits and become a sort of automaton that performs tasks for no purpose. A bomb that just inserted does not cause any damage and that explodes when you least expect it, making a clean sweep around itself and annihilating all fear. There comes a time when you have to say enough and take back who you are, the time comes to ask for help and to throw out all the poison, the time comes to control your “I”, to listen to it and rock it. The time comes to bring out yourself, to do it alone, while keeping the people who matter to you next to you and remain by your side despite everything, because who more than me deserves to feel good? Nobody. Without a “me”, there is no “we”, without a “me” there are no friends, without a “me” there is nothing. We are like lego constructions, we compose and break down as we see fit, we are able to disintegrate and reattach piece by piece to build the tallest skyscraper in existence, we are able to change pieces, multitudes, colors, we are able to great things, but only if we want them. I finish by making a wish to me and to all the people who, like me, are finding themselves: Always be yourself, face the changes that life has in store for you, transform yourself, take time out for yourself, listen to yourself, but never forget who you are and what you are able to do.
Fight for what you believe, especially when you believe it less because it is from there that you find the strength to go further and to know yourself, have the courage not to wallow in pain but to always find solutions despite that because it is NOT everything, life is full of crazy things and we often forget it because we tend not to live in the present, but we remain attached to the past, let it go! Believe that everything does not happen by chance and that the universe presents you with everything to make you evolve, you are in the process and above all everything is temporary! Be the first to be responsible for your mood and your actions, let’s stop blaming others and start taking our responsibilities where it is needed because the rest will then reveal itself. Have the courage to believe, you are much more than you think and never forget your potential or every little thing that can change your day because it is a step that every day will get bigger and bigger and one day you will turn around thanking you for have done so and you will truly live with love for yourself. Always love each other.
I have always had a good relationship with nature. Since I was a child, thanks to my parents, I have always had a great admiration for everything related to her. As a child I never believed in fairies or all that stuff, but I believed in the magic of the earth, of how a flower blooms … And I wasn’t bored, on the contrary I was fascinated by it. I have never endured the city, full of giants made of concrete; it put me, and it still puts me in depression. It’s like those giants are stealing my happiness. But it was over time that I understood: no one had told me about pollution, it was as if I had remained in a bubble, which did not let anything pass. But it was by changing school, to go to middle school that I opened my eyes. In elementary school, nobody talked to me about the impact of our actions on the environment. In middle school I also participated in environmental discoveries. And since then I have looked at nature with different, new eyes. And everywhere I looked, I saw garbage, pollution. I hate the fact that the sea, and beyond, is soiled by our stupidity. And the fish, but not only, suffer the consequences. Many people talk about it, but between words and deeds, there is an incompatible horizon. And what good is it, we dirty the sea and the fish without thinking that we will eat them … It’s incredible, we think we are very intelligent, but the truth is different. That’s right, people are the worst disease on this planet. But it is still not too late to save the Earth. Of course, only one can do nothing, it is the union that is strength. So let’s save nature for ourselves and for other living beings.

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  1. Ashley
    Sep 13, 2021 @ 12:56:55

    We are in the 6th extinction which started 50,000 years ago, and it is all coming to a head as the world population continues grow without check! And there is little that you or I can do! The power and the money is in the hands of a few people and they are looking after only themselves!


    • Fairy Queen
      Sep 13, 2021 @ 17:10:52

      No, please don’t think about this, that we have no power. We are millions of people. Our choices greatly affect the economy and many other things. They really want to make people believe they have all the power but they don’t. We have a lot of power but we don’t exercise it because every day they manipulate us to make us want useless things and to enrich them. But if we become aware of our choices we can make sure they don’t win again and again. We are millions of people but we have to make the right choices. They run oil companies, junk foods, poisons, pesticides, poisonous detergents, etc … So if we don’t buy what they produce then they will lose that power. Imagine if big brands like Coca Cola and Pepsi no longer sell, what would happen? There are so many things that people consume that destroy health. We must take back the power to decide for our own good. We must stop spending on useless and harmful things.


  2. Ashley
    Sep 14, 2021 @ 11:39:02

    Humanity’s biggest problem is the increase in population growth (fueled by the inequity between male and female, religion, and those few who lead world politics) which requires health care, education, water and food, and this is affecting the climate. The more of these things that we need the more we destroy the earth. My heart breaks for my own grandchildrens life on this planet!


    • Fairy Queen
      Sep 17, 2021 @ 18:33:07

      Well, whenever you try to talk about condoms or sex life at school, Catholics jump up and start waging war, so then here’s the result. I believe that everyone should feel free to do something and above all it is not nice when a group of people tries to impose their ideas on everyone. We are not all Catholics and in the schools there are also boys and girls of other religions and even atheists and we should have respect for them.


      • Ashley
        Sep 18, 2021 @ 17:38:36

        I agree, there are many differences in the world, but not everything that everyone wants can be achieved; there have to be compromises too!

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