Today is Sunday and surely many of you will go out to do sports and exercise outdoors. It is nice to move and stay healthy but if in addition to moving clean the environment in which we do all these things would be very useful for us and for our mother Earth.
Running by plogging, or doing good and also doing it to the environment. What are we talking about? Of a practice that was born in Sweden and which consists of collecting waste while running through the city streets or when visiting a park or green area. It is also starting to make its way in Italy, but also in other countries of the world it is already popular. Let's find out what it is and how it works.
Maybe today you can call your friends and propose to create a group together with other acquaintances. You could also create area groups to meet up with every weekend and run or yoga or skate and clean up together. It's also a way to unite people who have no one to go out with on Sundays. If you go to mass you can all get together afterwards and go to the green areas together and clean up. This is good for the soul and also for your space, where children can play safer with no garbage lying around.

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