On social media, speaking above all of influencers and models who often publish their photos showing themselves beautiful, thin / me with a face practically without imperfections, it has now gone to establish an exaggerated and in my opinion also dangerous exposure h24 to fees too tall and often not authentic. It must be said that for the publication of these photos "filters" are often used to remove the imperfections of the body and thus make the person in the photo more beautiful. A smooth face for example is often caused by these "effects" that are applied to photos.
Why do I say that these canons of beauty can have dangerous implications? Because in a world where beauty is understood above all with thinness, smooth faces, etc., many boys and girls (teenagers in particular) take all this as a "standard" by not appreciating their body and ending up in the midst of psychological discomfort too. deeper. In fact, we know that the adolescent period is not always rosy and in itself the discomfort for one's body often comes out. So be careful not to increase it.

"Look at this model what a nice slim / dry body she has, mine is more plump and sucks", "look at this influencer what a perfect face she has while mine is affected by acne and it sucks" are simple examples of that that guys can think even just looking in the mirror.

The message that must pass on the web (and fortunately there are some famous people who do this) is that everyone has their own body that must be cared for and loved. The message that to be beautiful you must necessarily have a "standard" body must not at all pass.

Let's take advantage of these blessed social networks because they can also transmit positive teachings, even more so in this area as now everyone (or at most almost everyone) has already used them from a very young age.

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  1. Hetty Eliot
    Sep 27, 2021 @ 20:16:27

    You have to watch the Instagram vs reality videos on YouTube, it’s hilarious and will boost your confidence 1000%. It’s really sad the lengths people will go to to project a certain image about themselves (apparently forgetting that people will see them in real life). I don’t waste time out of my life on social media. I don’t have the energy nor do I care. I feel sorry for kids who are faced with this nonsense from every direction.


    • TMJ
      Sep 27, 2021 @ 21:17:15

      Wow. I didnt know it was THAT bad! I do videos occasionally and there I am: Old and wrinkled, lol


    • Fairy Queen
      Sep 28, 2021 @ 12:16:23

      In fact, children are the people most affected by social addiction. By now many children no longer play and the fault lies with the parents who give them the smartphone as early as 3 years old. Many people have children and then they can’t stand them and put them in front of the TV or make them always play with the PS, or give them the smartphone to keep them busy. And they don’t know that children absorb a lot and immediately become addicted to video games and social media.


  2. Ayi Ariquater
    Oct 27, 2021 @ 16:39:20



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