I believe that divine energy has mysterious ways to reach us. I believe that there are events that have a very important meaning, which happen to make us reflect and understand that there is something that goes beyond our human nature. All my life I thought I had to be like a rock, hard, impossible to move, constantly struggling with life. Only recently I realized that instead I have to be like water, flow in life and let it flow in me, adapt to the path and enjoy every curve of the journey that will take me to my ocean.
I think I have had some signals from my spirit guides. It happened about twice: The first time happened last week while I was drawing: I heard a loud whistle, similar to that of a bell in the whole room that came from a specific point, and when I moved away from the room the sound decreased in intensity, and then increased in intensity. time returned. I asked my mom if she heard that sound too, but she said no. The second time happened last night, just before going to sleep: I was looking at the phone, and I heard that whistle again, but this time it was weaker. I ignored both of them not knowing what to do, because I don’t know how to interact, how to get in touch with the spiritual guides, but the point is that now I’m afraid they won’t contact me anymore, since I silently screwed them up. What a shit figure in front of myself, I think if the spiritual guides stepped on me I would apologize.
Pride is a detestable vice. It makes you blind: you no longer see your own faults. It makes you presumptuous, unjust, bad. Ridiculous vice. Superb because we have money: but wealth is a good outside of us. A dwarf always remains a dwarf even if he is on top of a mountain. Superb because they are young, beautiful, full of strength: but youth is lost day by day: ruit hora… soon we find ourselves old, without boldness, without strength. We observe certain athletes, superb for health: a very fragile good. Just a small vein that breaks, a fall, an insect bite, an infection … we have one foot in the grave, we are more fragile than glass. For a glass to break it needs a stone, a bump … we break for much less. Intelligence: so fragile … a thyroid dysfunction, a sudden emotion, a premature senility and we are poor beings to be admitted to nursing homes.
How foolish our pride is. We should rethink ourselves like little leaves on a tree. Be humble and small like sparrows. I am a little robin. It doesn’t matter if I’m as small as a leaf. I pray for this humanity that is killing itself. I sing for her, I am giving all my energy to this humanity. Please if you are religious or spiritual, join me, let’s join all energies together, no matter the name of the deity, no matter our differences, now, let’s join the divine energy of our heart to save this humanity.

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  1. Hetty Eliot
    Sep 27, 2021 @ 20:04:33

    I will join in with you spiritually in praying for humanity though I am mostly out of hope, except for hoping for a swift end to this misery.


    • Fairy Queen
      Sep 28, 2021 @ 11:41:39

      I thank you. I know, even I have little hope but I still hope that all of us who have a light within us can give a drop of our good to others and to this planet. 🤗


  2. TMJ
    Sep 27, 2021 @ 21:16:04

    Please Lord, HELP.


  3. gracefuladdict
    Sep 28, 2021 @ 13:24:14

    Hi Fairy Queen, thank you for your comments on my blog and I absolutely love your writing and your spiritual energy, Very nice! If you ever wanted to attend a recovery meeting the spiritual principles apply to all things we are powerless over (including anxiety) All are welcome from Hershey bars to Heroine – if you cannot control it then recovery meetings are a great way to connect. I can send you a zoom link for a meeting that is on 24 hours a day 7 days a week out of New York. Let me know if you are interested and keep spreading your truth !! XOXO


    • Fairy Queen
      Sep 28, 2021 @ 13:52:52

      Oh thank you, you are so kind. It would be wonderful but even if I write in English I am Italian and I would not understand anything of what you say. I’m sorry but I don’t understand American, it’s very difficult for me. But say hello to everyone and heartfelt thanks to you, you are an angel. Thank you thank you😘


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