And then, nothing. Maybe just … the sound of silence, like what birds hear when they fly high above the earth, breathing in the fresh, pure air of freedom. When you don’t know what you want, or what ails you .. Try to get comfortable, relax for a moment, clear your mind for a few seconds, empty .. Let it all go just for a few seconds, get rid of any question or doubt, look ahead to you and free yourself .. when the mind is empty fill it with a single thought, the first that stands out .. Here is that thought, that question .. It is what makes you sick, you just don’t realize it, because your mind is filled with minor questions created specifically to obscure the most painful one, only after having become aware of a problem can we solve it.
I am trying to learn to meditate and two curious things have happened to me: Once it seemed that my whole body was lowering and rising like the belly does when you breathe and indeed it did it at the same pace, in short, I was all belly breathing. The other, which happened to me a little while ago, is that of being my heart. I was beating at a higher rate than my breathing and I perceived this phase shift precisely on a physical level, as two entities trying to chase each other to find the same rhythm.
You have to kill the person you were in the past to become a new person. Without hesitation, without indulging in self-pity. You have to be centered and make things happen: because many just do the things they want to do, but you have to do what needs to be done, despite the circumstances. We have the responsibility to generate the events in our existence, with no middle ground, only with determination. Because, unfortunately, in this life it is not possible for us to remain motionless, or we progress or regress. Evolution or involution. We have to face repeatedly what frightens us, what terrifies us, because practice is the only cause of failure and error.

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