The Shadow is a powerful archetype, it is the container of all that we have lacked in good and all that we have received in evil. It is therefore our Alter Ego, the Enemy, the Antagonist, the one who in myths and fairy tales plays the role of the villain and who is often represented in the form of a monster, dragon or demon. All our suffering comes from being overwhelmed by the negative aspect of an archetype (the Shadow side) that we must first learn to see and recognize, and then to dominate, contrast, resist it. Most of our Shadow derives from the repression of emotions that slide into the unconscious and become more and more powerful because it is not allowed to express itself: the ego must learn to recognize negative emotions and express them in some way (catharsis, sport, art , etc.), because only in this way can he contact the positive emotions that are on a deeper level. The Shadow is the part of us that we must recognize and integrate because without it we will not be complete.
Just thinking about what I am, what I want to be, a shiver goes down the column, one of those sensations that flow only if unleashed create a tide of quite negative emotions. What I am and will be is a doubt still impossible to resolve, only by not assuming a form a mask, my true self comes out, which manifests itself in the shiver down my spine. A feeling that feels like entering a whole new dimension within me that I have never visited. I am often asked how I constantly think to give life to my inner self, the answer is not there, it happens when I least expect it and why I really want it. Only if I know who I am will I be able to give life to my dreams and passions without problems. On the way, it is only necessary to find this inner self by moving away from people who would tarnish the name I am now to continue a path towards self-confidence
Goodness is something that not all people deserve to show to others, if you are good being in harmony with yourself it does not mean that with all the others around us we are no longer good. We are not in harmony with ourselves just when we force ourselves to get along with someone just to please them. The truth is to find someone who is willing to respect our harmony with ourselves, which is not always possible.

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