Have you ever heard on occasion that a person asks for help before making an extreme gesture? Who tries to avoid arriving at the gesture that becomes catharsis? Have you ever heard of pets who endure for so many years and then explode doing horrible things? An unprocessed childhood trauma sometimes leads to extreme gestures.


What is hidden inside the unconscious? What is a serial killer hiding? This series has a protagonist well known to you, at least to those who know X-FILES: GILLIAN ANDERSON. 
The term serial killer does not even mean those who simply commit more murders, those who kill more people at the same time (multiple murders) or at subsequent times (repeat killers), in the same way as the meaning that has imposed itself in common language and the media. ; they are not strictly serial killers. Serial killers are something else and those who are "in the trade", that is, those involved in criminology and forensic psychopathology (1), have traditionally used this term to indicate only those who have killed more people in successive moments, for the repetition of a particular motivation: "the destructive and sadistic association of sex and death". The latter is an explosive combination, nothing better to arouse curiosity in many, to feed morbid interests or to unleash forbidden fantasies. Killing for sex or having sex is therefore what, traditionally, the serial killer has defined, even if, as we will see, this is only one of the reasons behind serial homicidal behavior. Moreover, the most modern and innovative studies relating to serial murder have shown that this is a much more complex phenomenon.


If you take a toad, you put it in a pot with water and bring it to the fire, you will observe an interesting thing: the toad adapts to the temperature of the water and stays in there and continues to adapt to the increase in temperature, however when the water comes to the point of boiling the toad would like to jump out of the pot but would not be able to because he is too tired due to the efforts he has made to adapt to the temperature. Some would say what killed the toad was boiling water … what killed the toad was his inability to decide when to jump out. So stop adapting to the wrong people, abusive relationships, parasitic friends and many other situations that “heat you up”. If you continue to adapt, unfortunately, you run the risk of “dying” inside. Jump out while you have time.
I have been wandering in nowhere for too long, I have fallen into the maelstrom of my thoughts, futile desires, fantastic illusions. This distance separates the bodies and not the heart, I miss you, God if you are missing, we were a beautiful but misunderstood painting, we were alive, a painting so full of meaning, we were color, strengths and weaknesses, warm tones. The reality is that I have become a clochard of emotions, a walking cliché, I feed on the few crumbs that remain of a sworn, pure and raw love, the reality is that I beg for empty, forced smiles, but even if they are false they make me alive, or better, I survive. My world has become cold, apathetic, meaningless. Maybe I am exaggerated, yes, how can you think certain things? Can a feeling really affect our life? Can it really kill a man? YES. Love is a fucking mental addiction, love is you. I’m still wandering in the void, but I know that only you can save me somehow .. Your eyes are streets, your lips my city ..Let me go home .
This heart cried until it went dry,
These knuckles bleed, they gave it all,
These legs ran to the moon,
To show these eyes just how hard it is,
And this world only spins by inertia,
But if you stay here tonight maybe it will be different
These stars say "look but don't touch"
This sky does not speak to us but it makes us scream.
It's one of those days when I embroider black sheets,
we levitate among thoughts and avoid the most sincere,
maybe we deserve to look lighter.


Once upon a time there was an old sage sitting on the edge of an oasis at the entrance to a city in the Middle East.
A young man came up and asked him:
“I've never come this way. What are the inhabitants of this city like? "
The man replied in turn with a question:
"What were the inhabitants of the city you came from?"
“Selfish and bad. This is why I was happy to leave there ”.
“So are the inhabitants of this city!”, Replied the old sage.
Soon after, another young man approached the man and asked him the same question:
“I just arrived in this country. What are the inhabitants of this city like? "
The man replied again with the same question:
"What were the inhabitants of the city you come from?".
“They were good, generous, hospitable, honest”.
“Even the inhabitants of this city are like that!”, Replied the old sage.
A merchant who had brought his camels to water had overheard the conversations and when the second young man left he addressed the old man in a reproachful tone:
“How can you give two completely different answers to the same question asked by two people?
“My son”, replied the wise man, “each one carries in his heart what is within himself.
Anyone who has not found anything good in the past will not find anything good here either.
On the contrary, he who had loyal friends in the other city will also find loyal and faithful friends here.
Because, you see, every human being is led to see in others what is in his heart.

In life you always find what you expect to find .. because everyone projects outside what resides within himself.


Akino Kondoh is a Japanese cartoonist who also has a prolific career as an animator, illustrator and painter. His illustrations are suggestive and to view, and in them some graphic themes already present in his comics return, such as "The world of insects".The magical realism of Kondoh's works is nourished by a lively and subtle eroticism, which is expressed in young female figures wrapped in surreal scenarios, where the backgrounds are often composed of repetition of patterns and acid or intense black colors.
Akino Kondoh was born in Chiba in 1980, she has been living in the United States for some years and her works have been exhibited in exhibitions all over the world, from Shanghai to Brussels and New York. In 2018 in Italy one of his manga was published by Coconino Press, entitled The world of insects, a story with a dreamlike atmosphere that seems to take inspiration as much from Alice in Wonderland as from Little Nemo.
Japan, on the other hand, is a land of contrasts: tenderness and obscenity, a dreamlike landscape and merciless reality intertwine, enchanting and expending the imagination of anyone who passes through it, even just between the pages of a book. The manga has always been nourished by these contrasts, and Akino's stories are an extraordinary glue: a bridge between the centenary tradition of the genre and the pop drives of the present.


Just yesterday I was watching a Dickens film on Prime and his discovery of Christmas. Something shook me inside. yes, Dickens I don’t know why, but he shakes me, he made me catch my breath, I was very down and his Christmas, his economic troubles, made me hope for many colored lights for my life. I have read almost everything by Dickens, both for study (I studied English literature) and for pleasure. This movie has been like a blood energy inside my heart.


I think there are movies that really help. My first movie in my childhood was ” Death in Venice” by LUCHINO VISCONTI and itwas very beautiful to see Venice. I watched it while my mother sewed with the sewing machine. I almost didn’t listen to the conversations but it was magic. Those scenes, that guy, the death was so strange. And Venice wasso beautiful and sad. I know that these days you watch horror movies about death but I think you should also know the masterpieces that talk about certain topics but are not well known by young people.


Mine was neither naivety nor stupidity: I loved believing in people, even when they might not deserve it. I knew very well that the world was full of superficial people, that if I had continued like this I would have risked meeting only falsehoods, words thrown to the wind, phrases spoken without any kind of authentic belief. And I had actually experienced something on my skin before. Yet what really characterized me was a kind of fragility. A fragility that I was perfectly able to hide from others, a fragility that, as precious, only had to be shown to the right person. Yet every time a small glimmer of hope appeared within me, I was forced to change my mind because the people I met turned out to be for what they were or simply were not available. Actually no, it didn’t hurt but what was even more serious I felt a feeling of great disappointment. Disappointment for the whole situation in which, at the moment, I was stuck. She probably just wanted to be saved, I was probably waiting for him. But he can’t get in from the right backdoor.


It was his eyes, which, despite their absolute simplicity, conveyed the ineffable.
From his gaze shone a sense of sweetness that reassured and soothed, but also an incredibly great inner strength, typical of those who have lived, suffered a lot, given but also received love. Temperamentally he was a lovable person, capable of listening and comforting in the most difficult moments. He was always smiling and loved to make people laugh. And yet, after all, he too was human: when he was sad he didn't show it, he kept everything inside as long as he could, until, at the limit of endurance, he confided in someone who was close to him. They were very similar in some respects. Perhaps that was precisely the problem; yet there was a certain complicity that went beyond any boundary. It was his gestures, his ways, his thoughtfulness, his hugs.
He was all this and much more and she, every time she looked at him, went mad inside.
It was his eyes, a perfect mess.


One thing is still not clear to many: evolution is no longer a choice.

The times in which one could decide whether to work on oneself or to proceed regardless of an existential purpose are over.

For this reason, some people's brains are bursting today, others have anxiety crises, live in terror or want to force others not to take a step.

Because everything they believed in is collapsing, and when the masks collapse it is as if parts of themselves collapse, because with those macheras they are identified.

Even if you don't perceive the earth's change, if you don't believe these things, everything is already happening.

And since you can't get out of it, either you start thinking about yourself or Life leads you to do it with the "bad"

The material world that you constantly see is but a conglomeration of illusions that you are destined to confront.

You could once return them to the sender, ignore your shadows, and maybe think about the next incarnation.

Today the entities that have usurped this dimension are ungluing and taking away your false identifications with them.

So, whether you like it or not, they will emerge without you being able to hide them, nor can you hide them. You are already dealing with your mirrors, your fears, your obsessions of control, your judgments, your attachments, your personalities, the massive toxicity of your emotions.
And by doing the math I mean that you are forced to understand who you are, you have to know those parts of you that you totally ignore and you have to make peace with them.

As you have already noticed, the information that surrounds you is increasingly shattered, confused, divergent. This will be amplified more and more. More and more often you will hear everything and the opposite of everything. Every hypothesis will be said and dismantled, every confirmation denied, every message reshaped. Authorities, professionals, gurus, they will not give you any solution to your problems. The separation between system and initiates will be increasingly evident and in many cases aggressive.

If you search for the answers in the system, the system will only give you more confusion. Because, I repeat, outside you only find all your trials that you have to face to go beyond the veil of Maya.

It was never a contest, nor a punishment. But an evolutionary necessity. This is the turn in which everyone is called to look at themselves.

The human being has achieved his right to liberation.

I did it after lifetimes of torture, havoc and destruction.
Today you are going through the middle phase.

Failure is absolutely not contemplated.

The times could be lengthened, but there is no possibility that awakening will stop.

Have a good trip.

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