I think it is not only fear that pollutes and kills feelings, but also pride, the desire for conquest and the belief that the attraction and passion between two souls and / or two bodies are the result of our action. When all these factors come between us and the other person, the feeling – of whatever nature it is – dies. We are not in control of our emotions, we can only pollute and block them. It is our emotions that overwhelm us and only when we learn to enjoy them without pretensions can we be happy, otherwise they will devastate us.
Polluted souls.
You are so used to falsehood and courtesy,
and to all that kind of thing there,
that you don’t notice how something new,
like grafting sincerity and humanity into your own lives,
makes them better people;
they are even frightened of it.
Just thinking about what I am, what I want to be, a shiver goes down the column, one of those sensations that flow only if unleashed create a tide of quite negative emotions. What I am and will be is a doubt still impossible to resolve, only by not assuming a form a mask, my true self comes out, which manifests itself in the shiver down my spine. A feeling that feels like entering a whole new dimension within me that I have never visited. I am often asked how I constantly think to give life to my inner self, the answer is not there, it happens when I least expect it and why I really want it. Only if I know who I am will I be able to give life to my dreams and passions without problems. On the way, it is only necessary to find this inner self by moving away from people who would tarnish the name I am now to continue a path towards self-confidence

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