Tick ​​tock tick tock
And so on in an infinite sequence, always the same, imperturbable
This is what everyone tells us since childhood and it is confirmed by reason Simple safety of a linear walk
Too easy Because then it turns out that the ticks have so often different speeds and that the toks follow irregularly,
that we do not live all the ticks in the same way and that while some tocks fly away,
others will always remember them.
That between a tick and a tock interferences occur which, as happens with a radio or television signal,
move us to another channel,
now for a moment,
now forever And there we hear and see images and sounds different from those around us
They are drawn from the past,
taken from the future
There, where there is no time and space, everything is possible and everything seems absurd,
there is everything and there is nothing
And you can go in and out right away,
or go in and never go out
And now a tick is skipped and a tock has no end Parallel reality, unreal paradox
Tick ​​tock tick tock
One by one, the people I love to be around are adapting perfectly to being alone in the house, losing any need for contact with others. Camouflaged perfectly with their walls, with some sporadic appearances on a random social network. We went through the shock phase, then the one where we held out waiting for the disaster to pass, then the disaster did not pass and then we adapted, each in our own way. That’s fine. But I still need to chat and laugh with someone, to try to talk and see and touch each other despite everything, plan and create things together, ask ourselves how we are, listen to music together, imagine, love each other above all. But I know that I am the only one who has these needs that are so ancient and out of context: I am almost embarrassed to feel these impulses that in the eyes of others must seem childish and spoiled. After a year of pandemic and intermittent lockdowns, there is one thing that terrifies me much more than the others: that when everything is over, or when at least we can move back and see each other as we please and like, we will no longer want to.

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