Honestly when I first saw African tribes wearing Nike shirts and Japanese with punk crests I was very disappointed. Each people has very specific characteristics made up of different traditions and lifestyles. And this because of globalization no longer exists. If I go to different countries I find the same things, the same way of dressing, the same food and few things are different now. I don’t like this at all. I believe that peoples have been manipulated to be all transformed into consumers, destroyers and narcissists. This manipulation has made everyone so alike that they are all slaves to a global system that is destroying the planet and humans themselves. It is not nice to see entire historic neighborhoods destroyed in many states and to see that people all dress the same, no longer having their own tradition and culture. Wherever I go I find the same clothes, the same habits, and they are conforming us according to a global system of rules that reduce life only to a continuous purchase. But few people realize this. Few people are aware of this destruction of cultural traditions. The world now seems made up only of Nike, Mac Donalds, Coca Cola, and everyone accepts this without any protest. Everyone wants the same things and nobody wants to go back. Young people have gotten lost following the brands that manipulate them through influencers for a life that seems satisfying but then becomes depressed and destructive. Look how many young people no longer have a purpose in life, they don’t want money and success. They are not even looking for love anymore but only for money. And they fight each other, they are all rivals, on youtube and on Twitch, they fight as if they were in a ring. They don’t want the fam and that’s it.

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  1. saymber
    Oct 08, 2021 @ 18:01:18

    Here is a link to a song by a group called. Rammstein that illustrates what your talking about very well :


    • saymber
      Oct 08, 2021 @ 18:01:33


      • Fairy Queen
        Oct 08, 2021 @ 18:08:18

        Oh now I see 😁 Isang a cover of this song some timeago, with my band. But now don’t play music.

      • saymber
        Oct 08, 2021 @ 18:12:20

        You have many talents! It sucks that not all of us get to do what we love to do. I don’t monetize my blog either. Somehow when you add money to something like the arts it gets tainted. It’s not pure anymore. I don’t like the global system we have it’s devouring this world. It’s unsustainable .

      • Fairy Queen
        Oct 08, 2021 @ 18:39:06

        Money and the desire for money is devouring everyone’s life. The worst part is that even small children are now talking about money. They want to be all influencers. I have a nephew, I’m aunt, and he already makes videos like an experienced youtuber and he’s only 5 years old. So then there are many young people dedicated only to the web. In my life I have done and always do many things but as a woman I have often received no consideration from those who have lived with me and not even from my fellow citizens and from people in general

    • Fairy Queen
      Oct 08, 2021 @ 18:07:18

      Oh Ramstein, I know them very weel. Isang some of their songs. I speak German too. 😉 write the link, you gortotto put it here. 😆 I like “Du Hast” and “Amerika” 😁


  2. saymber
    Oct 08, 2021 @ 18:02:35

    It’s called Amerika the video won’t load . You can see it on YouTube.


  3. Journalofthegrey
    Oct 10, 2021 @ 17:01:20

    Good post! Very true.


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