I believe that there are many things that exist for which science still has no answers unfortunately. I studied Geology in the Italian university and I had a problem with many unanswered questions. I am not referring to UFOs but to other topics. But I think that even though many sightings of strange objects were just sightings of military objects, there is something strange in certain places and in certain people. Something that not even science can explain. After all, we still have only 20% of our mental potential and therefore come closer to things that we are not yet able to see well? Unfortunately, there are many people who are speculating on UFOs and making money talking about them. No one has ever told us that maybe the aliens are ourselves, we who are destroying an entire planet, without even weapons, but only our stupid thirst for power.
We are all equal. Here it is, the sentence of the century. Do you really have this perception? Do you feel you have the same level of consciousness as a “dragon”? Do you feel that since we are descended from the same Source then we are all one? They gave you a brain enema, you know. And for a long time I participated as well. But the truth is that on this plane there are many beings, some are terrestrial and some are not. You see their human features and season everything by mirroring your empathy on the other, but in reality they are wraps devoid of Spirit. So no, we are not all the same. And until you understand this and see the differences between people and containers, you get mixed up with various paraculates about the sense of “experience and gratitude”. You end up thinking that those who would gladly make a mush of you behave like this because they had a traumatic childhood. Maybe they’re bad, you tell yourself, but it’s dad’s fault. I’m not saying open your heart, but at least get the hams out of your eyes.
I was thinking of the pets we keep at home, often alone and with no way out, especially for those who live in the city. Perhaps it is a bit as if one day the aliens would arrive, kidnap us and one by one, we would end up alone in their beautiful living rooms full of comforts, of which however we know nothing. They would feed us. They would love us, in their own way. They would play with our thick hair, or with our shiny bald heads. They would scratch our bellies and tickle our feet. They would speak to us in a persuasive voice, smiling at our every move. So what would life be like? What, of our nature?

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