In this particular historical period, I would like someone to ask me who my heroes are, the people for whom it is really worth waking up in the morning.

I would reply that my heroes are many.

Not the politicians (obviously), not my senior lawyer colleagues (often blinded by the race to earn money), not even the greats of history and those who have distinguished themselves for their valiant deeds.

My first heroine is V., 4, who gave me goosebumps one Saturday afternoon when she woke up desperate to tell me "I don't want to be in the children's home anymore, I want two great specials".

It is P., 2 years old, who when he sees me enter thanks me with his smile and his eyes, since his mouth still emits indistinct sounds.

It is also D., 16, who studies so much at school that her educators compete to go to interviews with teachers.

And it is also Paolo, a retired gentleman who does not like playing with children very much, but takes care of their home even just by changing a light bulb.

Or Emma, ​​a middle-aged lady who cooks her fragrant ragù for everyone on Sundays.

You see, Massimo, there are still many heroes in Italy that too many people do nothing but criticize.

Very few see them.

Yet my heroes are so simple that they are there for all to see.
Then they ask me why I do it.
Because I waste hours of my life trying to save the lives of others without gain, and sometimes naively risking my own safety.
Then they tell me that they think I'm wasting my time, making me feel like an egocentric exhibitionist. But then when they ask me these questions, well I think how superficial they are, which they judge without having tried such an experience.
Without having tried to stay 7-8 hours in a shift, always with the heart in the throat and the senses on alert ready to intervene.
Who do not know what it feels like to console and to give a word of comfort to a patient or a relative.
Because deep down they do not know the adrenaline that rises with the km / h in those few minutes of travel to the hospital, whether it is a trauma, overdose or a respiratory or cardiac arrest.
They do not know the concentration it takes to disinfect, tampon, stabilize any wound on the go.
But sadly, they won't even know the satisfaction that the simple grateful smile of the patients you just saved gives.
And that, it has an inestimable value which cannot be rewarded with any coin.
So when they ask me why I do this, I politely reply by saying
I do it because it makes me feel good to spend hours of my life trying to help those who need more than me for those few minutes of endless travel.
When I was operated on for a tumor a few years ago, I saw the children's cancer ward and I would have given my life to save them all. And I didn't understand why all those children had to be sick with such a bad thing. I would have died to be able to save them all but unfortunately it doesn't work like that. So you can at least ease some pain by making them smile.
If you live in a city where there is a hospital then you can look for volunteer groups and associations that help. It may not be important to you, but to all those children it does.

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