Ummph, ”Kurt lets out a somewhat chained noise as he finally manages to penetrate Blaine's blanket castle. It is not an easy task for a 25-year-old, given the weak structure of the building. Blaine reacts by hugging him tightly, then moving into a more compact position, creating a warm cocoon between the soft sheets.

"Oh, it's… it's so beautiful here," Kurt says, admiring the handcrafted stars that dot the ceiling of the fortress with his flashlight.

"I can't believe you've never been inside a blanket castle!" Blaine then replies, rubbing his nose into Kurt's neck.

"Well, I didn't have tons of friends to do it with," Kurt's voice is irritated but Blaine knows he didn't mean at all.

"Hey, no ... I didn't have them either." He then says simply, combing Kurt's hair with his hand. "But there was Cooper in your place once, and it was beautiful. We did a lot of things together, but the blanket fortress was the top. I think we never figured out what to do once underneath it, so we ended up with a pillow fight! " Blaine laughs loudly at the memory. Then point the light at the little plastic stars. "He taught me how to make stars."
Kurt can't stop himself from letting Blaine smile at his child's excitement.

“It's great how supportive I've always been,” he says, pressing his fingers to his heart.

"Yes, well ... do you know what's even better?" Blaine whispers in Kurt's ear.

“Having you with me now, among my childhood memories. Blanket castles are among the most romantic things in the world, in fact. I've always wanted to bring you someone I love, squeezing them and sipping whole cups of hot chocolate milk. " He stops for a moment to smile. “And… kiss him, maybe. Hypothetically. "

Kurt's stomach is all a cage of butterflies, and he presses his lips against Blaine's in a cautious kiss.

"It looks wonderful."

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