You are fine alone, but alone you suffer a lot. You would never admit it, but it shows in how nice you are to anyone, even to those who don’t deserve it at all. You want people to love you, and however much you walk with the air of someone who doesn’t need anyone, you constantly need someone. Boundless fears and tiny feet that don’t allow you to escape far enough. You don’t know how to go far away, then you miss the air and you don’t know what to do, you like Italy, but it’s not Italy that you like, it’s those ten or eleven people in all, without whom you wouldn’t know how to go on, because it takes you years to become attached to someone, but after that it’s forever. Or in short, almost. Like all beautiful things. You make me smile when you say you don’t believe in infinite loves and then I find you moved in front of a cartoon that should have made you laugh. You never cry because you are disappointed, when you are disappointed you scream. When you cry it’s because you hope, hope and don’t want to admit it. Hoping hurts you, somehow. You think it’s not like you, so you cry watching comedy movies and justify yourself by saying that you don’t really know why, “it’s been happening to me since I was little”. And how are you now? Do you feel great? You like the night and you like songs that are no longer used and idioms that are no longer used. Everything about you is sincere, even the way you dress and say the words. Even the way you breathe. You don’t control yourself, you can’t and you think it’s bad, instead it’s wonderful, you are a wild flower, one of those flowers that cannot be picked but only looked at. You perfume a lot, if you were a memory you would be the smell of freshly washed sheets, if you were me you would love yourself as birds love to fly, with a necessary love. If you were me you would love yourself so as not to die. I am here looking at you, you look like a poem that no one will ever dedicate to me, one of those poems that when you read them you think it would be wonderful if someone saw you that way and loved you so much, instead nothing, but no less beautiful , not for this, never.

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    Oct 16, 2021 @ 16:19:36

    You don’t know my inna Ocelot


    • Fairy Queen
      Oct 17, 2021 @ 20:53:30

      Twice I dreamed of a tiger. It came out of a beautiful forest and came towards me. I was not afraid and she walked towards me without ferocity. Somehow he recognized something in me. I don’t know why. However, this tiger came to me twice.


    Oct 17, 2021 @ 21:13:22

    Perhaps it doesn’t matter. Anyway it can be important for you to remember well if the tiger was male or female.
    Otorongo greetings


    • Fairy Queen
      Oct 17, 2021 @ 21:20:38

      It was a male, he was very very big. What does a male tiger mean? It’s a particular symbol?


      • ꜼƢAMAɠYÑIC🌐
        Oct 17, 2021 @ 21:31:11

        Can more than just mean many things and it’s no prob at all to take one of thousands meanings from other people’s opinion by the internet. May be it’s a symbol for you or a totemico in the sense of your tutelary spirit/guardian angel. Really important is your own interpretation. You are the one who knows yourself best. May you not search for limpidity somewhere else.
        Sincere greetings
        l. G.

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